Just when you thought Xbox Game Pass couldn’t get better, they keep adding more games.

Game Pass is a service that allows subscribers to download hundreds of full Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. You can play games as long as you like — as long as you keep paying for the service.

Once you beat a game, just download another.

These aren’t just small indie titles either; we are talking about full games, including the Gears of War series, The Master Chief Collection, and many more.

Game Pass recently added Metro Exodus, letting players experience the latest in the Metro series. This latest game lets players finally leave the Metro and explore new locales while experiencing a great story and new enemies.

For the month of July, players can experience Dead Rising 4, Middle-Earth Shadow of War, Lego City Undercover, just to name a few.

The service costs about $10 a month, and is even cheaper when you buy six months or more at a time. Microsoft even has special deals where you can get a month or even three for only $1 for new sign-ups.

This is easily the best deal going. If you just picked up your first Xbox One, Game Pass is a must.

Sascha Heist is a Penticton gamer. Feel free to contact Sascha at with gaming questions and more.

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