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More to Canada than just oil

Dear editor:

Re: “Libs campaigning on our dime,” Herald, Opinion, July 26.

Conservative MP Dan Albas asks if we think it’s fair.

I wonder if Dan Albas thinks it’s fair that we the people pay all political party benefits. It has been said that all is fair in love and war, so end the war, porkers, get your stuff together, act like adults, give Canada a break, quit the BS and practice what you preach.

A free walk through political life with little accomplished is sick, and I feel most political pork is tarred with the same brush.

Tom Isherwood


Ribfest, Market should be moved

Dear editor:

This is a reply to James Miller’s editorial (Herald, July 9) regarding the three festivals on the last weekend of June 2020.

My suggestion would be to put Ribfest at Skaha Lake Park, the Elvis festival at Gyro Park (which they liked this year), the car show on Lakeshore Drive and the beer garden in the park on Power Street.

And put the farmers’ market in Okanagan Lake Park as they complained of having to move because of parades.

That would leave Main Street open for the traffic that is rerouted because of it.

I think this would solve the problem.

Fraser MacDonald


U.S. calling the shots for centuries

Dear editor:

Even if Steve Boultbee and Elvena Slump are right, aside from being extremely negative, they are looking in the wrong direction (Herald, Letters, July 23 and 25).

Even if the U.S. is committing treason against Canada by interfering with our national interests, they actually have been interfering since about 1776 when they decided might makes right and that Manifest Destiny would kill all nations in their way.

America is a "friend" as long as it suits them to be. Environmental groups are less a problem than un-Canadian pipeline consortiums, gas companies, etc.

Also in response to Bernie Smith’s letter (Herald, July 26), I realize we all owe a certain debt to the late Winston Churchill, but evaluating anyone against Churchill is a non-starter as he was a man of his times.

Patrick Longworth