It’s hard to have faith on Saturday

Last weekend consisted of three days of stark contrast. Good Friday commemorated the crucifixion of Jesus. Easter Sunday celebrated His resurrection. But, what about Saturday, the day between?

For most of us Saturday is the most challenging. It’s the time between when a problem surfaces and a solution is found. It’s the day we often can do little more than wait.

In 2010 Jeff Manion wrote a book called, “The Land Between.” He subtitled it, “Finding God in Difficult Transitions.” Although he wrote it in 2010 it was actually about an incident that took place in about 1446 BC in the Sinai Desert. That was the time of the historical event called The Exodus. The people of Israel had fled from captivity in Egypt to a new land that had been promised to them. However, a series of bad decisions and disobedient actions caused that journey to last 40 years. 40 years living in the “land between.” Talk about a long Saturday.

Some of you are experiencing “Saturday” right now.

Sam and Amanda (not their real names), celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary with yet another trip to the doctor. The last in vitro fertilization attempt appeared successful but now it’s a waiting game, again. Will she be able to carry this baby to term, or will it result in yet another miscarriage? They are waiting, it’s Saturday.

Sabrina is a tough young lady. Her parents split when she was thirteen, imploding both her family and financial stability but she vowed to not become a victim. She studied hard, held down part time jobs all through high school and university. She graduated with honors. She would be a great teacher. But, all the school districts to which she applied politely told her they were not hiring at this time. She’s waiting, it’s Saturday.

Saturday can be as minor as the time

between the launch of a home renovation project and its completion or it can be as

major as the gap between a serious health diagnosis and effective treatment. Saturday can be as simple as a delayed flight or a case of the flu or as major as a marital, medical or financial tragedy that rocks your world.

It’s hard to have faith on Saturday, yet that’s exactly when it’s most needed. Years ago a prominent Christian pastor gave a

sermon that received widespread acclaim. The title was: “It’s Friday But Sunday’s Coming.” His sermon was a clear word of hope that on the dark days involving crucifixion and death we can cling to the realities of hope, resurrection and life.

As much as I enjoyed his sermon I’ve become convinced that hope is even more desperately needed on Saturday, when the adrenaline of Friday has dissipated and Sunday has not yet arrived.

If you are reading this during a season of life in which you have experienced a harsh blow and resolution or recovery has not yet occurred I want to encourage you with these words from the Old Testament book of Lamentations.

It says, “His mercies are new every morning,” even on Saturdays.

Tim Schroeder is pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna. This column appears weekly in Okanagan Weekend. This column appears on Saturdays.

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