The official grand re-opening celebration of Kelowna’s City Park water attraction was postponed, Friday, due to rain in the forecast. I guess nobody wanted to get wet.

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The first time I ever appeared in print was as a 14-year-old when I had a letter to the editor published in MAD magazine. Dave Berg, Don Martin, the fold-in, Spy vs. Spy, Robert Kaputnik, great movie parodies, little cartoons in the margins ... take me back. But, I have to admit, like “The Simpsons,” I haven’t read MAD in years, not because I’ve outgrown it, but because the quality just doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

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I can never resist a jukebox and the ability to hold a pub captive with the music I like. For the first time, a song I picked was booed — “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen. I forgot it was Canada Day.

Those booing perhaps don’t understand that “Born in the USA,” is anti-American, — the lyrics are about the mistreatment Vietnam veterans received when they came home. But, I have learned my lesson. Next Canada Day, I’ll play “Snowbird” by Anne Murray and “Rock Me Gently” by Andy Kim.

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Danny Boyle’s new film, “Yesterday,” about a struggling musician who is the only person on earth with any recollection of The Beatles is fun, once you get over the implausible plot.

If you like The Beatles, as I do, you will enjoy the film. A sequel is coming out where only one man on earth can remember the musical

material of Debbie Gibson and Tiffany. The character still lives in his mother’s basement. It will be in theatres next summer.

- - -

Here we are, four months from an election and everyone’s already uptight.

For those complaining that Andrew Scheer was featured prominently on the front pages of both The Herald and Daily Courier when he did an Okanagan whistle stop this week, please remember Justin Trudeau’s B.C. Day visit to Penticton in 2018. Trudeau was splashed all over our front pages.

I think whenever any leader of a federal party visits the riding, it’s newsworthy. Should Jagmeet Singh or Elizabeth May come to the valley, they too will receive equal coverage.

- - -

An old mentor of mine, my high school English teacher (who I got to know as an adult) told me something profound. He believes the majority of people can comprehend literature and the printed word, but those who aren’t very bright really struggle with satire and irony. They just don’t get it. I think that might be what’s happened to political cartoonist Greg Perry.

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Condolences to the family of Robert Robertson, a 92-year-old veteran from Vernon and past-president of the Royal Canadian Legion in Penticton.

I worked on a committee with Robbie for about a year where he was often the voice of reason.

It always felt good to be around him. I will miss him.

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Check out the 6th annual Penticton Scottish Festival, on all day today (July 8) at Kings Park. It’s tons of fun. Thanks to everyone who makes this event happen.

James Miller is valley editor and director of content for Okanagan Newspaper Group. To contact the writer:

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