Dear Editor:

After months of road work on Sutherland Avenue between Pandosy Street and Ethel Street, the highlight of this construction will be that it’s ready for use.

I refer to the new bridge on Mill Creek near Pandosy Street. No, not an improvement to the car bridge — which was built years ago and is virtually too narrow for cars to pass on it. I am referring to the two-way bridge for bicycles.

Construction has been underway for about two months and I am looking forward to peace and quiet when the work is finally done.

As well as the two-way space for cyclists, there is now a median using up a fair amount of the former roadway. It seems that two-way vehicle traffic was not too important to the planners.

It seems they have finally approved parking on both sides of the remaining road, but that virtually means that only one car can drive in either direction. Any oncoming cars will have to pull over and wait. Pull over to where? Cars can now be seen parked head to head or tail to tail.

Confusing? Yes!

This block (Richter to Pandosy) is full of apartments and condos for seniors. It will probably be a lonely winter. Friends will be hard pressed to find a parking spot in order to visit.

Oh well, there is always solitaire and puzzles to replace my human contacts.