Dear Editor:

What is the foreign policy of the United States?

If the controllers in the U.S. do not like a certain country, their assets in the U.S. are frozen.

Other countries that do business with the States and the bad countries, are warned not to deal with these bad countries. Is this how a bully works?

Is the U.S. a bully on the world stage? Who determines if a country is in the bad books? Are the 70,000 lobbyist in Washington busy informing the United States government who these bad countries are. Gosh, politics is so confusing.

Why does the U.S. so dislike countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Iran? Are these countries not subservient enough to the U.S. multi-corporations wanting to do business in oil with these countries? Are these countries not buying enough armaments from U.S. manufacturers?

Turkey just bought S-400 missile system from Russia as did India. The U.S. does not like this either?

The U.S. does not like Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and wants to do a regime change. Where does the U.S. have the right to do this?

The U.S. has meddled in Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Egypt Iraq and Iran and many more. Gee, what can be next?

Lobbyist are dangerous, we also have them in Ottawa and every province. Maybe Monsanto can develop a spray to control these weeds?