Miller Time!

In this 2020 file photo, Penticton MLA Dan Ashton during a virtual debate on the Education Ministry’s budget estimates.

In a year-end interview with the online news site The Orca, Premier John Horgan was asked to name an MLA from a different caucus who he’d single out for doing good work, have an unusually warm relationship with, or just wouldn’t put coal in their stocking.

A great question. It was posed to each of the three party leaders.

Horgan picked Penticton MLA Dan Ashton, a member of the BC Liberals.

It made me think, wouldn’t it be wild if Horgan appointed Ashton as the NDP candidate in the 2024 provincial election?

Trivia: Who was the first Beatle to score a No. 1 solo single on the US Billboard charts after the group’s break-up in 1970?


I’m now at the age when my dachshund Milo gets more Christmas gifts than I do. That’s not a bad thing.


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Dolly Parton is an artist everyone loves, even if you don’t own any of her music. The documentary “Here I Am” about Dolly’s life is now streaming on Netflix.

I recommend it for everyone and not just Dolly Parton fans.

The film is only 90 minutes so a lot of career highlights are missed (her film should have been four hours like the Bob Dylan documentary), but there’s a lot of new information such as she turned down Col. Tom Parker when he wanted Elvis Presley to record “I Will Always Love You.”

As tempted as Dolly was, she wasn’t willing to fork over 50% of the songwriting royalties to the Colonel. Brilliant. As for the Whitney Houston version, she loves it.

There’s also a lengthy segment on the making of “9 to 5,” the surprise hit movie from 1980. The plot was preposterous, but the film’s conclusion was ahead of its time.

The secretaries took over the company and did a better job than the bosses. Profit and productivity were both up, absenteeism down and new ideas were introduced. The women did a better job.


Trivia Answer: "My Sweet Lord," from George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass," was the No. 1 single on Billboard in December 1970. He was the first Beatle to top the charts on his own.


James Miller is managing editor of The Penticton Herald.