For a few minutes each night, beginning at 7 p.m., lets make some noise for the people who have made a difference during this crisis.

Let's make some noise!

It’s time Penticton started making some noise for health-care workers and others who are providing essential services during this time of crisis.

In cities around the world, entire communities of people are going outside their homes — but not too far — at the same time every day to bang pots and pans and anything else that makes noise to show support for those on the front lines.

It seems the tribute started in Italy with people singing together from their windows, and grew in the devastating wake of COVID-19. Videos of the cacophony in downtown Vancouver have been making the rounds of the internet.

We understand a few people in Penticton are starting their serenades every day at 7 p.m. We hope more people will consider joining them on their driveways and balconies and at open windows.

Besides sending encouragement and appreciation to our essential workers, the noisemaking sessions are also an important way for noisemakers to enjoy a sense of togetherness and community, plus let off some steam, during these days of self-isolation. Don’t forget, we’re all in this together.

Essential workers — everyone from people stocking the shelves at grocery stores to doctors — are keeping things going right now. They’re the reason you can still get a jug of milk, a tank of gas or medical care.

Starting tonight at 7, let’s start showing them some appreciation. Even if it’s just for a minute, the world desperately needs your public display of affection.