Seattle Seahawks: B.C.'s team

Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll claps as players, including offensive tackle Brandon Shell (72) huddle during warmups before an NFL football mock game, Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

CFL has nobody to blame but itself

Dear Editor:

It is so great to have the NFL back, fans or no fans.

The hype and the storylines ... the NFL always lives up to expectations. The biggest, the best sports league in the world rolls on. If the CFL never comes back, they can’t blame it on the corona-virus, but the poorily-run league it is.

Go ‘Hawks — B.C.’s football team.

Dave Clark


Don’t ignore citizens on Bench proposal

Dear Editor:

Be advised Mr. Mayor of the Canadian Horizons project proposed for the Naramata Bench. If you ignore the citizens of Penticton, this may very well be your very own Skaha Lake Park. It will be remembered come election time.

Consider this fair warning.

Reese MacDermott


Green energy is hurting Canada

Dear Editor:

It is apparent to me Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland are attempting to change Canada into something that nobody wants by offering a bribe to everyone: the sainthood of a socialist paradise featuring world saving green energy.

Unfortunately, the experience in Ontario and California shows that green energy is a myth and will raise the price of energy in this country to astronomical levels and will leave the country without adequate energy at times when it is most needed:

— in the middle of winter when there is no sunlight and no wind

— in summer evenings when the sun goes down but the AC and other appliances blossom

The environmental impacts of battery storage and creation of green energy devices such as photocell arrays and wind turbines are huge ecological footprint devastators that never actually contribute to a better energy envelope in their entire lifetime.

And anyone who tells you that they do has either a vested interest or has no real hard science in their backgrounds.

The environmentalists told you to shut down nuclear power plants because they were environmentally unfriendly, and now many jurisdictions world wide have reverted to coal to replace them. What were they thinking? Had they even bothered to think about the alternatives which had to be fossil fuel?

This is total nonsense.

There are two things the government of Canada must do if we are to survive as a nation.

1. Finish the Kinder Morgan pipeline and remove the ridiculous restrictions on energy projects that have hampered Canada over the last five years.

2. Build an energy east pipeline to transport needed energy to Eastern Canada to stop importing foreign oil, which only enriches foreign suppliers and negatively affects our economy.

Unfortunately, I have no confidence this will be read or there is anyone in the Liberal Party with the intelligence to see how devastating their policies have been to Canada, not just Alberta and B.C.

It’s now the time to think before making the biggest mistake in the history of Canada. With less than 2% of the carbon produced in the world (ignoring the contribution of our boreal forests), Canada is trying to save the world by destroying our economy. The major contributor nations are ignoring the problem and certainly are not impressed by Canada, hence their rejection of Trudeau at the United Nations.

Canada will continue to be the biggest laughing stock in the World.

Alan Nichols


Put the brakes on unneeded projects

Dear Editor:

“Sticks not Carrots,” (Herald, Sept. 15).

In this time of a serious debt crisis in the City of Penticton, proposed spending of more millions of dollars on unneeded projects is extremely ill-timed.

It would appear, to me at least, that the City has an over abundance of “city staffers” bringing forward project plans to try and justify the need for their positions.

Tom Crawford


What would Ignaz say about wildfires?

Dear Editor:

In the mid-1800s, a Hungarian doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis tried to convince the Austrian surgeons he was working with to wash their hands before surgery and delivering babies to reduce the horrific number of deaths due to infection.

The Austrian doctors who would show up to surgery with blood on their smocks and dirty hands wouldn’t believe him despite him showing them documented evidence to support his contention that sterile operating rooms dramatically reduced infections.

When he persisted, they hounded him out of the country and he returned to Hungary. He again tried to convince the Hungarian surgeons to wash their hands, but the reaction was the same.

The esteemed doctors could not accept that THEY might be responsible for these deaths.

Semmelweis eventually had a nervous breakdown, was put into an insane asylum and died 14 days later after being beaten by guards.

When science finally proved him correct, philosophers came up with the term “The Semmelweis Reflex”: a human behavioural tendency to stick to preexisting beliefs and to reject fresh ideas that contradict them (despite adequate evidence).

There are stories about the wildfires without a single mention that climatologists have been predicting these very climate catastrophes since the 1980s. What more evidence do we need before we can move beyond the Semmelweis effect and begin mobilizing to fight the climate crisis?

Jim Pine