Glenmore Road is not a highway

Dear Editor:

About 12:30 a.m. Friday, a serious, single-vehicle accident occurred outside my residence at 9251 Glenmore Rd.

It appears a Mazda car came around the corner at a high rate of speed, hit the ditch then the Hydro pole, flipped onto its roof and landed in the middle of the northbound lane. 

Most importantly, the driver and passenger appeared to have only minor injuries. With that being said, it is just as imperative that the safety, speed and amount of traffic on this residential road be addressed ASAP.

This accident scene is not uncommon near my home.

At least once a year, we have a serious one with several minor ones (taking out hedges, signpost, etc.) happening as well.

I cannot stress enough that all parties with interest in Glenmore Road need to address this rapidly growing problem.

I am talking about the Ministry of Transportation, the City of Kelowna and District of Lake Country all sitting at the table, acknowledging and accepting some responsibility and working together to implement the needed solutions.

At the rate our communities are developing, we do not have two years to wait for a study that will then be outdated. I have repeatedly asked for traffic calming infrastructure, lower speed limits and more enforcement.

Glenmore is not a highway. Now that it is newly paved it has been an invitation to motorists to increase their speed and fly by on the straight stretch. 

I think it’s important you know that this section of Glenmore Road has only recently reopened late afternoon on Tuesday.

Michelle Wetteland-Price,


Bekka gone, but never forgotten

Dear Editor:

Rebekka is sadly missed by her loving family, Kathleen, Lois and Jane, and her many friends (both human and furry).

She came home at seven weeks old and bonded immediately with her family at a picnic on the beach in Westbank.

She had her rambunctious, teenage moments, eating rocks and running circles in the yard, but she grew out of them into a happy, fun, bright friend and family member.

She went to school, learning obedience and tracking, and becoming a therapy companion in her later years. She loved water, especially Wood Lake and Mission Creek, and sprinklers in the yard.

She loved time spend with friends, learning new things, training, walking, and hanging out with ice cream and coffee (especially the ‘puppuccino’).

She loved animals, even her house mate cats. She went everywhere with her family, to school, work, shopping and on vacation.

She happily kept her family safe, remaining calm and watchful, even pulling on arms and pushing them out of bed when the smoke detector went off.

She was the little princess, and knew how to get what she wanted from her family, who didn’t mind in the least. We miss you, our beautiful Bekka.

You will never be forgotten.

Lois Marshall,


Power of mob far reaching

Dear Editor:

“Send her back! Send her back”

— America, world powerhouse 

“Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”

— Rome, world powerhouse 

Mob power has profound consequences.

Women finally achieving equal status of men?

Joe Schwarz, Penticton