Good thing pipe wasn’t a write-off

Dear editor:

Re: Natural gas bill to rise in new year, Herald, A1, Dec. 11

A lame, greedy excuse!

Fortis has applied for a nine per cent increase to the price of natural gas due to cost of repair to a leak in a pipeline.

What would they charge if they had to replace the pipeline?

Dan Zaremba


Tail wagging the dog at BCUC

Dear editor:

Want to apply for top jobs at the B.C. Utilities Commission, the so- called B.C. consumer-rate watchdog?

Just send your application to either Fortis BC or BC Hydro.

John Turcot


Considerate weed users no trouble

Dear editor:

Don Moore's sabre rattling over cannabis sales (Herald, Dec. 10) irked me because I have put up with years of ignorance from tobacco smokers and to endure the worse smell of cannabis smoking is beyond my limit.

Those who are considerate are one thing but I am concerned about those who use their vapor items near store entrances or the increase in butts on the ground, etc.

Patrick Longworth


Time to stand up for Oliver ER

Dear editor:

Imagine this: You are a first responder screaming your way to another automobile accident, lights flashing, sirens blasting, and get this... you are having to cover an area that is seemingly being forgotten by our B.C. government and its culpable departments.

The area could be from Oliver or Osoyoos, to Kaleden or Keremeos, or all the way to Grand Forks, not counting all the communities in between.

In the case of the paramedics, after loading up the results of that terrible automobile accident, you have to call ahead and inquire if there are any doctors on duty at Oliver hospital.

This situation is totally unacceptable by any means. It is wrong and it has to change.

The political crap must stop. The communities and politicians of all the above communities must and should get together and put an end to this public debacle.

Let it be known, if we do nothing, ER will go the way of the Dodo bird.

I call upon all the stewards of our community to band together, including Chief Clarence Louie and all the doctors to join in and let’s put an end to this travesty.

We can pull policemen off public duty every time the new prison has a hiccup, or if we lose a policeman off the street because a released inmate needs to be chauffeured to wherever makes him happy.

Let it be known that there are people living here in Oliver community with clout, people with connections, people who have influence and they are all sitting safe and sitting on the fence.

Get off your arse and be counted. Send in a letter, pick up the phone, refuse any excuses.

Don Smithyman


Holiday photos a waste of space

Dear editor:

The Penticton Herald has got to stop wasting space on pictures of people who have travelled by plane to exotic places with an old copy of the Herald just so they can get a photo of themselves in the local rag to make their friends jealous.

An article from Dr. David Suzuki’s website states: “Although aviation is a relatively small industry, it has a disproportionately large impact on the climate system. It accounts for four to nine per cent of the total climate change impact of human activity.

“The IPCC, for example, has estimated that the climate impact of aircraft is two to four times greater than the effect of their carbon dioxide emissions alone.”

He adds: “The net effect of their contrails is to trap heat that would otherwise escape from the Earth, which contributes to global warming.”

We also know that many of the flights over Europe to North America go over the Arctic where the zoot emanating from the aircraft cover the Greenland and Canadian icefields which warms them up causing an additional escape of methane into the atmosphere.

We have only until 2030 to reduce our effect on the atmosphere or we are all up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Frank Martens


Smoking wasn’t bad once, either

Dear editor:

For many years I studied the area of “wireless” radiation and I am deeply concerned for the health of the general public.

Since 1998 there have been many appeals to the WHO involving thousands of

scientists and medical doctors petitioning for more protective standards.

Little of this news reaches you, being screened out by mainstream media (almost universally owned also by wireless companies) addicted to industry advertising dollars. 

Meanwhile, short-sighted politicians give their nod to industry profits over our children’s health. 

Many of you reading this may be too young to remember, but we’ve been through many other predictable public health disasters such asbestos, tobacco, lead, thalidomide, DDT, and other products.

Invariably industry claims their products safe and seeks to muddy the scientific waters by demanding 100 per cent proof of harm to prolong the debate as long as possible. In the meantime, many will lose their health and lives.

For your family’s sake please pay attention to the most recent and best science in this area. The U.S. NIH National Toxicology Program study (NTP)

cellphones/index.html and the Italian Ramazzini study, two of the most  meticulously designed and executed studies ever conducted, both conclusively linked wireless to cancer causation and malignant heart tumors.

The French CERENAT study of 2014 reported a doubling of brain tumors with a doubling of exposure and a tripling with a tripling of exposure. Wireless is a probable carcinogen, and exposures for all of us are now ubiquitous.

Even if individual risk appears low, it is widely distributed with a long latency

period and could become a major public health problem. Please educate and protect yourself:

Hans Karow,

Coalition to Reduce Electropollution,


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