Posters never lie

The first Peach City Beach Cruise poster.

What I did on my summer holidays. I went to Vancouver to see Paul McCartney — my third time. At $250 for the first row of the top deck — combined with Milo’s dental surgery — that gobbled up my vacation budget for the year.

But, I never mind paying big bucks for classic rock artists — although I draw the line at $6,000 (US) for the front row in Seattle to see The Stones. (And that’s face value — not a “resell” outlet.) The way I look at it, these gems won’t be around forever. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, we have another 40 years to see.

As for McCartney’s show, to borrow for “Mr. Kite” — a splendid time.

I’m always fascinated by the set list and what songs are included on each tour.

While Paul is still great at 77, his long-time band is amazing. As one fan said, “They do The Beatles better than The Beatles.”

About 50% of McCartney’s set list is consistent (“Hey Jude,” “Live and Let Die,” “Let It Be,” “Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Blackbird”), but to reward hard-core fans — which I am — he digs into his catalogue and includes album tracks that weren’t necessarily the hit singles.

My favourite was the mandolin ditty, “Dance Tonight,” from 2007’s “Memory Almost Full,” where his drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. danced the “Macarena” and “Pulp Fiction.” Laboriel is worth the price of admission and often steals the show ... from a Beatle.

It was also the first time I saw them with a horn section, which came in handy on “Got To Get You Into My Life,” “C’Moon” and “Let ‘Em In.”

On the drive home, we figured McCartney could easily do another three-hour show, without repeating a song from this three-hour show and it would still be great.

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A letter to the editor today suggests that municipal councillors be limited to three terms. I agree, but that rule should definitely apply to school board trustees.

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According to just about every delegate who I spoke with from last month’s Federation of Canadian Municipalities convention in Quebec City, of the four leaders of Canada’s major political parties, the best speaker by far was Elizabeth May of the Green party.

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In a column published in Tuesday’s Penticton Herald, I erroneously said that Peach City Beach Cruise was originally held on Father’s Day weekend. Well, we checked it out and posters never lie. It has always been the fourth weekend of June and Elvis on the final weekend of June.

I regret the mistake.

I am correct that both events, as well as Rotary Ribfest, are all falling on the same weekend in 2020.

It will be interesting to see how that resolves itself.

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