Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69" was a hit during the summer of '85. "Reckless" remains one of the top-selling albums of all-time by a Canadian.

If any other Canadian rock star posted a racist tweet, wrapped in self-entitlement, it wouldn’t be the talk of our nation.

It was Bryan Adams and that’s different.

For 40 years, Adams has been one of the good guys in rock music. Like most of our artists, he’s kept his nose clean and had never done anything to embarrass Canada.

Adams’ charitable work extends beyond playing benefit concerts. Much of the money donated from his Adams Foundation is his own money in support of global and humanitarian causes. When his friend Princess Diana died in 1997, he never included his playful song, “Diana” (which implied having a crush on her) on a playlist or compilation album again.

This week, Adams blamed the global pandemic on “(expletive) bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards.”

He went on to say the COVID crisis resulted in him cancelling prestigious gigs at Royal Albert Hall in the UK.

There’s no question what he said was hurtful, especially at a time when Asian Canadians are being bullied and targets of hate crimes.

In reference to his suggestion that China is at fault for the global pandemic, does anyone know this for sure? Has it been proven?

Being upset about cancelling dates is understandable, but Adams has been blessed with a long and successful career. Classic rock stations still play his music. Independent artists are now out of work (they’re not making their money on CD sales), Adams can easily survive a lifetime on the royalties from “Summer of ‘69” and “Cuts Like a Knife.” He was blessed to be in his commercial peak at the time when people bought albums.

Millions of people around the globe have suffered. Bryan, you will be OK.

He immeidately apologized, but his explanation of promoting the vegan cause came across as insincere.

It’s been suggested that he forfeit his Order of Canada and radio stop playing his music.

That’s perhaps extreme for someone whose goodwill to Canada had been stellar. It’s unlikely that Adams intended to be hurtful. There’s been no evidence of racism in the past.

What Adams posted was disappointing mostly because he’s never let anyone down.

We expect more from him.

Bryan, next time you have a gig cancelled, simply consider posting, “To keep everyone safe, I sadly have to cancel. We will see you soon UK.”

You’re a rock star, not an expert in infectious diseases.