My name is Judith King. 

I am an educator in School District 67. 

I have taught for 37 years and still love to learn, and find teaching a very creative, intense, and wonderful profession.

My job in this district is to help schools find ways to keep more kids in school because we know

education makes a big difference in a person’s life. Every year that a child stays in school increases their positive life chances in health, relationships, employment, and overall stability. 

Students who drop out of school are employed less, earn less money, have more health and relationship problems, and are involved in more crime. Their rate of unemployment is double that of school graduates the same age. 

Not only is keeping kids in school important and life changing for the students, it is important for society and for taxpayers.  Taxpayers pay approximately $19,000 a year for every person who drops out of school before graduation. These costs are for health care, social assistance, crime and earning loss.  This is for life. 

$19,000 a year for every person, every year (stats from Canadian Council of Life Long Learning “Estimates of Dropping Out of High School”). 

School District 67 has an 84 per cent graduation rate which is slightly above the provincial average. It means that out of every group of 30 grade nine students, six do not complete secondary school, with some of these students leaving after or during Grade 9.  Canadian statistics tell us that for every one per cent we increase our graduation rates, Canadian taxpayers  save $7.7 billion a year

Do we care about saving taxpayers money?  Do we care about the life chances of students?  Teachers do. Our current job action is about class size and composition. 

Teachers are fighting for help for our students – all students.  Private schools do not deal with the same issues as public schools. We need a strong inclusive public school system that supports all kids and their families.

Our current government listens to the voices of the more fortunate.  We need voices standing up for the less fortunate who have no voice. 

Please join the teachers as they make a stand for a stronger public school system, and voice your concerns about cuts to education, health and social services. Let’s be known for being a caring community, province, and country.

Judith King

SD 67 educator


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