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Just more bluster on gun violence

Dear editor:

Re: “Trump vows urgent action after mass shootings,” Herald, A1, Aug. 6

The current mass shooting climate in the U.S. is horrific and the consequences severe.

It would seem that from the administrative level (President and Co.) that they are saying “Yes, we are concerned but not concerned enough to identify a problem and do something about it.”

The overtones seem to be “white supremacist driven” in that most perpetrators of the last few mass shootings have been Caucasian.

Donald Trump seems to have given himself medical licence to arbitrarily assess these mass shooters as being mentally ill. He makes a bold statement to this effect.

I am wondering if the AMA has him registered as a clinician or is he on the hook for practising without a license.

Once again, playing dumb like a fox, Trump deflects the impact of the mass shooting issues by showing a façade of concern and that these things should not be happening in America.

In one sense, he is right and that is that they should not be happening in America.

It makes one wonder if this is a political ploy or does he not have the chutzpah to do anything or suggest anything that might curtail these actions.

What kind of political game is he playing here? Is it a game? Does anyone really know?

In any case, glossed over words of caring and lack of action to address or correct a problem tends to paint Trump as a true racist.

After these horrific happenings, Trump waxed eloquently in his “fake show of concern for the friends and families affected by the tragedy.”

Big deal! Once again under the guise of mental issues and playing of video games, he stated that “it’s people who kill people and not guns!”

Is he implying that we should be careful the next time that we point our fingers at another individual that we do so with utmost care and caution?

The reality here is that much rhetoric has come as a result of these tragedies and not much action.

Until there is a concentrated effort to make some changes to gun laws, etc., nothing will change and the likes of Trump will ramble on and these acts of terrorism are likely to continue.

Ron Barillaro


No distance too great to get votes

Dear editor:

Re: “Leaders march together at Vancouver Pride,” Herald, B5, Aug. 6

It appears that some politicians would march to hell and back if they thought there was vote they could get.

To stroke for a vote, the pork brush is dipped into a bucket full of BS.

Tom Isherwood


Careful playing Pride politics

Dear editor:

Whenever there’s a large community event in Canada involving a parade, it’s a certainty that politicians will slither into the proceedings, aiming to gain votes from participants.

Politicians turn out in force every April at different venues in British Columbia when the Sikh community celebrates its Punjabi new year with the Vaisakhi street celebrations.

Representing all federal and provincial parties, they are pictured in the media dressed in their finest Bollywood attire, trying to curry favour with those taking part.

Last Saturday was the 52nd Caribana Caribbean Carnival in Toronto, and many elected officials from all ends of the political spectrum were present to enjoy the exhilarating sights and sounds of Caribbean music, culture, food, etc.

Of course, they were also angling for support, but thankfully there were no pictures in the media of any politician brave enough to dress in the skimpy feather and beaded costumes worn by so many of the shapely female revellers.

The very next day, quite a few politicians made their presence known at the large and colourful Pride Parade in Vancouver. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and several of his Liberal caucus rubbed shoulders with two other federal party leaders, who both represent B.C. constituencies.

Liberals, New Democrats and Greens all seemed very cozy together, just 10 weeks before the federal election.

No surprise that the Conservative Party leader was no-show, as he’d indicated earlier in the year that he had other ways of supporting the LGBTQ Community.

Of course, that just wasn’t good enough for the PM, who was eager to earn political points by ripping into Mr. Scheer's absence with: “It’s just unfortunate that there are still some party leaders who want to be prime minister who choose to stand with people who are intolerant instead of standing with the LGBTQ community."

Coming just 24 hours after the Walmart shooting in El Paso Texas, it sounded like a very stupid and divisive thing to say, but stupidity and division knows no bounds when politicians are involved.

Will politicians ever learn to think before they speak or look before they leap?

Bernie Smith


Lake our area’s greatest asset

Dear editor:

I remember the 1980s when the shallow areas of Lake Okanagan were infested with Eurasian milfoil seaweed growing to the surface and our

swimming beaches covered with thick, fly-infested, rotting milfoil.

It was not good for tourism.

However, for the last 25 or so years our local experts at the Okanagan Basin Water Board have managed to tame the beast through a program of rototilling and cutting during winter months.

Now a small mussel, native to our lake, has been found in some of the shallows of the lake and someone in the environmental beaurcracy thinks that roto-tilling might impact them negatively, even though they have obviously survived the last 25 years of rototilling. 

Let’s not let the beast return.

Bob Whitehead


 that do not require suitcases of cash. 

The last pig smell was from the PMO area when SNC Lavelin wanted their favours.  We could smell the sty all across the country and those responsible for the smell,

cannot smell the stink themselves, instead believing all was well above board since the UK and the U.S. have similar laws for their people. 

This does not make it right. 

Even after retirement, former MPs and MLAs have their huge pensions and benefit packages.

If you want changes at the farm, make sure who you vote for is a purebred that will listen to you and not the lobbyists.

 Jorgen Hansen