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Reader amazed by purse rescuer

Dear editor:

To one of Penticton's better angels: Thank you so much for turning in my purse that I absentmindedly left in the shopping cart in Walmart’s parking lot.

There are good people all around us.

God bless.

Linda Strength


Mail wait times getting ridiculous

Dear editor:

Why does it take seven to nine days to send a letter from Kelowna to Summerland? Is the mail being sorted in India?

This is worse than a Third World country. Is the postal service trying to encourage use of their affiliated courier?

Glen Witter


Liberals only look after their friends

Dear editor:

Canadians have every right to expect their government to govern ethically, transparently, pass laws to protect people and operate with integrity.

We don’t need politicians that make enormous promises to Canadians like in the last election. Making promises they can’t keep shows poor judgment, ultimately bad decisions, scandals and cover-ups, like SNC.

The last thing we also need is talking points like the irrelevant NDP and Greenies spew on the environment, climate, etc.  

Trudeau, and his accomplice Butts, should not be forgiven trying to intimidate by calling people Nazis referring to them as racist and intolerant if they question them.  Disgustingly, they will change laws to interfere in a criminal trial for a Quebec company that is charged with bribing a government that rapes, murders and tortures with almost $50 million for contracts.

Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s best buddy, placed his selfish personal interests ahead of what’s best for Canadians when he charged taxpayers almost $150,000 to move from Toronto to Ottawa in 2015, resigned in disgrace and now he’s back.

It doesn’t take much research to know Jody Wilson-Raybould is no saint and puts Indigenous issues ahead of anyone else and the PMOs office interfered in the SNC-Lavalin scandal and the independence of the Attorney General.

One only needs to watch the Justice Committee meetings to know Conservatives tried repeatedly to get to the truth but Trudeau’s Liberals used their majority to shut down the investigation and silence everyone. Is this ethical, open and honest government?

Trudeau and his ilk are peddling nonsense about everything from abortion to fear mongering on cuts to municipal funding to distract from his record.  But can we trust anything they or local Liberal candidate Connie Denesiuk promise this time? People are judged by their actions, like removing Trudeau’s picture from her campaign car.

Do we need more payments of $10 million to terrorists, budgets that don’t balance or pay down debt, borders where anyone can enter “irregularly, a member of Parliament like Richard Cannings that will support laws that don’t require voters show identification?

The Conservatives are the best choice this time around. Our vote isn’t free ... it’s like going to the supermarket.  

Wayne Llewellyn


Tories only look after their friends

Dear editor:

What is at stake in the 2019 federal election? Simply put: it is a choice that will reflect the future character of Canada – just as Trump supporters globally reflect the character of Americans.

The Conservative Party in Canada is a reflection of the Republican Party in the U.S.  Very little difference. Both parties cater to corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the less-fortunate.

The last Conservative government reduced corporate taxes by 7% and reduced the GST by 2%, thus giving tax breaks to the wealthy that totalled $45 billion each and every year…with no significant benefit to Canada – just the opposite.

The Conservatives attempted (without success nine years in a row) to balance the budget on the backs of the less-fortunate by slashing social programs – especially for veterans and seniors. All they did was increase the national debt by $150 billion – despite raiding the Employment Insurance and Reserve Funds.

When the Liberals came to power under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, one of the first things they did was to create a new tax bracket for the wealthy.

Taxes on income over $210,000 became subject to an additional 4% tax (from 29% to 33%).  They also reduced the tax on middle income earners from 22% to 20.5%.

Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives introduced a bill to make the Justin Trudeau promise that there would be no more tax increases. Why? Simply to protect wealthy Canadians and thereby increase donations to the Conservative party. This was soundly defeated by the Liberal government – the wealthy should pay more taxes. Money doesn’t “trickle down” – it trickles up, and always will.

It is time to take back our country and government from corporations and the wealthy.  Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are the only ones that have the will and the character to do just that. 

The 2019 Federal election will reflect the ethos and morals of this country.

Patrick MacDonald


‘Missing link’ just 1 part of fix

Dear editor:

On July 3, 2019, the B.C. Forest Practices Board proposed a new forward looking forest-planning process – described as the “missing link.”

This welcome proposal could provide direction to forest operations on public (Crown) land, 94% of B.C., a public asset of enormous importance and value. To be effective and efficient, however, this new planning process will require:

1. Outcomes based legislation. This proposed legislation (and regulations) would ensure both political accountability, while enabling practitioners the flexibility required in diverse situations to deliver competent results.

2. Forest condition indicators (data), to measure the present condition of our forests that establish success or failure.

3. An annual sustainability scorecard, to inform citizen owners whether we are winning or losing.

4. Effective corrective action, to contain the losses, and restore ecological integrity, quality and value to ensure the multiple benefits from our magnificent forests can be secured and sustained.

The cost of not doing this would likely be more negative cumulative environmental effects and further reduction in B.C.’s overall forest economy – now only 2.5% of the direct GDP, and declining.

Done well, the benefits of this new forward thinking in forestry could be to reduce risk, add value and create options for society, especially important in this time of climate change.

If we do not control our own destiny, someone else will.

Ray Travers


Immigration costing everyone

Dear editor:

With 10 weeks to the federal election, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is as busy as a beaver handing out money and promises left, right and centre in a bid to win a second term.

He pledged over $26 million for legal aid costs of immigrants and refugees in Ontario. If you believed what the PM was saying, his largesse became necessary because the mean-hearted provincial government had slashed funding in their budget earlier this year.

The previous day it was a completely different story during an in-depth television interview with Jean-Pierre Fortin, national president of the Customs and Immigration Union. He advised that his agents are in dire need of federal funds to deal with excessive numbers of asylum-seekers entering Canada at illegal border crossings.

The interview was held at the notorious Roxham Road on Quebec’s border with New York State. Since the PM announced his “everybody’s welcome” policy in 2016, that illegal entry point has become so well known world-wide that Canada installed large RCMP and Border Services contingents to process the influx, currently about 100 asylum-seekers cross there every day.

According to Mr. Fortin, this is only the tip of the iceberg, with so many more unmanned entry points along the border. Those he sees are mainly large family groups from African countries who have travelled to South and Central America, entering the U.S. at the Mexican border; then directly to Roxham Road.

Voters should realize that with the present scourge of homelessness and huge shortage of affordable housing, and with Border Services unable to take proper care of legal immigrants, then surely procedures and laws need to be enacted that are different from the PM's “open borders” policy  —  which encourages asylum-seekers entering at illegal border crossings.

Sadly, common-sense seldom prevails at voting time; last election Mr. Trudeau's big promise was to legalize recreational marijuana. That has resulted in governmental cannabis vendors charging 50% more than free-enterprise suppliers. Only a government full of dopes could lose money selling dope.

Bernie Smith