Fifty years ago today, Neil Armstrong did something that no human being had ever done before. He stood on the moon.

Twenty-five years ago, a friend shared a recorded speech by a prominent U.S. economist who dropped this gem, which is my axiom for this week:

Who knew advocates of the performing arts were such a persistent bunch? For years now, various versions of a society have been trying to get a performing arts centre built in Penticton.

What I did on my summer holidays. I went to Vancouver to see Paul McCartney — my third time. At $250 for the first row of the top deck — combined with Milo’s dental surgery — that gobbled up my vacation budget for the year.

My husband, an emergency room physician, has a particular passion for managing airways. If you are comatosed with a head injury, bleeding to death from a blunt trauma to your chest or having a severe anaphylactic reaction, maybe really bad pneumonia — in other words, you cannot take care of …

Here’s a free travel plug we’re pleased to give. The next time you’re in Los Angeles, make sure you stop by the CVT soft serve ice cream truck.

Don’t believe for a moment that the Ironman brand has lost some of its cache: Just the mere possibility of it returning to Penticton was enough to kill one of its competitors.

In the Okanagan Valley, agriculture is very big business and most especially the production of wine. There are in excess of 2,400 hectares of land under cultivation in more than 200 separate vineyards. The industry is a heavy user of water and fertilizer and burns substantial amounts of carb…

We all wanted Kawhi Leonard to keep playing basketball for the Raptors. We wanted him to stay so much badly that even Canadian politicians were getting into the polite pleading.

Canada just got 1,500 tonnes of garbage back. From the Philippines, a nation that – judging by news photos of emaciated children in Manila scrabbling through mountains of trash looking for things they can salvage and sell – seems quite capable of generating its own garbage.

Leadership coach Joseph Grenny has stated that one of the largest obstacles to meaningful conversation around difficult topics is the tendency to substitute facts with stories we’ve told ourselves about the facts.

The official grand re-opening celebration of Kelowna’s City Park water attraction was postponed, Friday, due to rain in the forecast. I guess nobody wanted to get wet.


There’s often a sombre tone to retirement, especially for athletes who know little else.

Some of the first quantifiable evidence that the lack of capacity in the TMX pipeline is playing a role in creating higher gas prices at BC pumps.

The world’s financial system is in a precarious state. For the first time in many decades, the long-term stability of the U.S. dollar is being questioned.

We often hear people explaining that things float around in space because there is no gravity. This is not true.

The annual Fraser Institute rankings of schools is out and private institutions and public schools in affluent areas scored well.

Just when you think the gaming world can’t get any sleazier or complicated in comes Electronic Arts and Epic games just to name two.

Even though the meeting is right in the middle of their supper hour, hundreds of Rutland residents line up along the sidewalk to question BC Housing on a recovery house for McCurdy Road.

Among the many things I am woefully inept at, drawing ranks near the top of the list. I am one of those students to whom well-meaning teachers would often say, “Timmy, tell me about your picture.” That is a much nicer way of asking the question they were really asking, which is, “What in the…

In 2013, a prominent law firm from Vancouver Island sent a scary letter to senior Elvena Slump (along with several other local residents), demanding she stop writing letters to the editor critical of staff and council.

When future historians retrace the rise and fall of carbon taxes in Canada, they may well conclude that last week was the point at which policy’s decline became irreversible.

On behalf of the government/gouvernement of Canada/le grand pink bit sur la map, and our new prime minister, Kawhi Leonard, I once again would like to welcome/bienvenue you to our national celebration, Canada Day/Fête du Face Painting.

When Oak Bay teen Elliot Eurchuk died of an overdose last year, he became yet another victim in the rising tide of opioid fatalities. The 16-year-old had nearly succumbed to an overdose two months earlier, grim testimony to the vice-like grasp of opioid addiction.

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