We have updates from the management of Cyberpunk 2077 and more from people who worked on the game about that disastrous and glitch-filled launch last month.

With the incredible amount of resources the federal government has available, why did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fail to conduct a proper background check on Julie Payette?

Picture this: a business is going broke and everyone on the team knows it, but an employee goes out and buys luxury office furniture on the company credit card.

I have always had a grudging admiration of the United States as a country. It saved us by entering the Second World War and has sent humans to the moon.

As we’re closing in on the one-year anniversary of COVID-19, it’s disappointing that no elected officials within The Herald’s readership area have suggested a nominal rollback in salary.


Entering 2021, many people seem to find it challenging to focus. The idea of new year goal setting is a struggle while feeling so blurred.

In my December column, I wrote about developing compassion in our lives, using some of Richard Carlson’s thoughts on the subject from his book, “Don’t Wweat the Small Stuff.” I had noticed another chapter in the book which had a chapter with a topic suitable for this new year.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ron Phillip has since resigned. This column was published prior to his arrival back in Canada.

In a year-end interview with the online news site The Orca, Premier John Horgan was asked to name an MLA from a different caucus who he’d single out for doing good work, have an unusually warm relationship with, or just wouldn’t put coal in their stocking.

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This week was an end-of-the-year project for my son, who built a First World War trench scene; armed with creativity, he (we) gathered boxes, scraps, clay, paints and small figurines and got to work. He connected with the stories as he crafted and painted.

Among the various space missions going on at the moment there are two of particular interest.