Movie magic

Jamie Eberle and Roark Critchlow on the set of a unique promotional video for Prairie Valley Lodge in Summerland.

A short film set in Summerland and starring a former soap opera star is striking a chord with viewers as it depicts a son with an aging father in a relationship that many can relate to.

The Prairie Valley Lodge Senior Centre is the main attraction in the six-minute promotional video, in which a son brings his elderly father to the lodge in the hopes his father can learn to find a new home there.

The film stars the multi-talented Roark Critchlow, who played Dr. Mike Horton on Days of our Lives, as the son, Frank Jr. Local actor Jamie Eberle of Many Hats Theatre plays Frank Sr.

Stephanie Seaton of Storyboard Video Productions in Summerland was the videographer for the film, with the script being written by Critchlow and the editing shared between them. Critchlow, who grew up in Summerland, knew Eberle, and they joined heads to create the video, which Seaton said took about two months to film.

She said the experience working on the production was unforgettable.

“It’s challenging in a very positive way,” Seaton said. “It was wonderful working with Roark because he’s so creative and it was wonderful seeing the seniors enjoy it so much.”

She said the video left many of her clients with tears in their eyes.

“We had people comment on how it reminded them of their father,” she explained. “It was really effective in the end. The reality of getting old is not fun, but you can still have fun with it.”

Filming locations in Summerland included the Prairie Valley Lodge, with many seniors playing extras in the film, the Apple Barn, and Summerland Ornamental Gardens.

The video can be found online at It had 1,000 views as of Tuesday.

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