Pavement markings

The alley behind Time Winery in downtown Penticton, where a mystery substance made the pavement sticky before winery staff washed it down Thursday morning.

There was a sticky situation in a downtown Penticton alleyway this week.

The connector road that runs parallel to Martin Street between Wade and Nanaimo avenues was smeared Tuesday with a tacky substance that appeared to come from Time Winery.

The dark-coloured liquid ran approximately 100 metres down the alley and pooled in places along the gutter on the south side of Nanaimo Avenue in front of The Herald office.

Winery staff hosed down the alley Thursday after being alerted to the mess by The Herald.

“It looks like there was perhaps something in the waste removal truck prior to them picking up our pomace as the substance occurs in the alley south of our gate as well,” general manager Christa-Lee McWatters said in an email.

While the substance smelled vaguely of wine, McWatters noted pomace “is only solids and a small amount of fresh juice.”

City bylaw officers also inspected the mess and spoke to McWatters, but found no grounds to take any kind of enforcement action.

“It was explained to me that what had spilled was no more than grape juice from the press located at the back of the property, or perhaps from the truck that takes this crushed product away to another location,” bylaw officer Chris Doll said in an email.

“There is no chemical cleaning solution or anything of a safety concern used to crush or clean during this process. I have found no violation at this time.”