The following are the ground rules for tonight's (Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020) Penticton Herald All-Candidates forum. All four candidates have agreed to the ground rules.

Due to COVID-19, the only people in attendance will be the four candidates, two media members, moderator, two-person production crew, timers and working media (a video journalist and photographer.) The event is being staged inside a large hall.


--Each candidate will be given three minutes for an opening address. (A warning bell is given at 2:45 alerting you that your time will elapse in 15 seconds.)

--Candidates will be placed alphabetically from the left but the speaking order for opening remarks will be drawn in random.

--Questions are being posed by the media only.  Questions may be posed to an individual candidate or two the entire panel. The media will attempt to ask a similar number of questions for each of the candidates.

--Each candidate is allowed 60 seconds to reply (warning bell at 45 seconds).

--Should the media member wish a follow-up or verification, the candidate will be given an additional 60 seconds to answer (warning ball at 45 seconds.)

--All questions are from the two-person media panel. The opening question will be provided by the Real Estate Board, which sponsored the event. The moderator and candidates will not know in advance what the questions or topics will be.

--We will attempt to change the speaking order of the candidates during media questions posed to the panel so that a certain candidate is not always answering first or last.

--There will be a five-minute comfort break for candidates at 8 p.m.

--To begin the second half, we offer, CANDIDATES ASK THE QUESTIONS: As this is not a debate, per say, the closest thing we are offering is this one feature. Each candidate (drawn in random), may ask a question to any one of the other three candidates.

--The candidate asking the question will have 60 seconds for the question.

--The response must be 60 seconds

--The candidate who asked the initial question is allowed a 60 second follow-up.

--The candidate who the question is asked to is allowed final word if they wish, again, 60 seconds.

--Closing remarks are one minute (warning bell at 45 seconds) and speaking order will be the opposite to the opening remarks.

--CHALLENGE CARDS. Each of the candidates is given three one-minute challenge cards. At any time during the evening they may use the card to jump in and make an additional comment. They can be used during the Candidate Asks the Question portion. They can also be used to extend the opening or closing remarks by 60 seconds or any question that you are asked, if you feel you need additional time to get the point across, you may use a challenge card. However, once all three challenge cards are used up, you may not challenge. Use them strategically.

--Any other issues not outlined in the ground rules will be determined by the moderator's discretion.