The Black Widow Rope Spinners are joined by other teams from across North America for a performance each day at this year’s Penticton Peach Festival.

Don’t skip out on the Black Widow Rope Spinners show at this year’s Penticton Peach Festival.

This is the competitive jump rope team’s 7th year performing at Peachfest, according to head coach Cathy Cunningham. That’s when they aren’t jumping across the pond for international competitions.

“Myself and a couple jumpers just got back from Norway,” said Cunningham. “We went to World Jump Rope, and we had a national competition May long weekend, and we had a provincial competition at the end of April.”

Cunningham began the Black Widow Rope Spinners team 15 years ago after retiring from being a full-time teacher. Her inspiration came from teaching the Jump Rope for Heart event that would take place annually in the school district.

The team, which consists of a maximum of 25 people, trains 2 1/2 hours a day twice a week.

“If we need to, we’ll put in extra practices,” said Cunningham.

Senior students take younger ones under their wings, and visiting high-level jumpers will take the time to teach the team when in town.

Pen-Hi student Faith Lockinger joined the team seven years ago after being inspired by a performance at her school.

“I love it,” she said before Wednesday’s performance.

“Going up on stage is honestly probably my most favourite part of this sport. I’m just so much more of myself on stage. I have so much more confidence due to skipping and performing.”

Her plan is to help coach the team while attending cosmetology school after high school.

Check out the Black Widow Rope Spinners at Peachfest, where they’ll be performing in Okanagan Lake Park today at 7:05 p.m., Saturday at 5:35 p.m. and Sunday at 6 p.m.