Summerland Seniors Village

Summerland Seniors Village is under the microscope again due to fresh complaints about patient care.

Citing concerns about residents’ safety, Interior Health announced Monday it has taken control of 112 long-term-care beds at Summerland Seniors Village.

IH has appointed Vanda Urban, its director of long-term care, to serve as administrator at the facility for the next six months.

“Summerland Seniors Village has had ongoing challenges in a number of areas, including site leadership. We are confident our administrator, who will work directly on site, will be able to restore the standards so the individuals and their families can be assured they are receiving quality long-term care,” IH vice-president Shellen Letwin told a news conference Monday.

“It is important to note that the role of the administrator is to focus on quality improvements, to support the ongoing needs of individuals in care at Summerland Seniors Village, and to bring the site into compliance with legislation.”

The decision to send in the administrator was made by the IH board on the recommendation of its chief medical health officer following numerous site visits by licensing staff.

Letwin refused to provide examples of concerns, instead referring reporters to inspection reports that are posted online.

The most recent inspection was completed Feb. 10, when the IH licensing officer

“discovered multiple in-house incident reports and notations in nursing notes indicating: incidents of neglect of persons in care, (licensed practical nurses) noted to be sleeping during shift, 24-hour shift report not being completed and missed medications.”

Other concerns included an absence of on-site management at night and on weekends; lack of procedures to stop diseases outbreaks; and inadequate supervision of dementia patients.

Of the 112 long-term care beds at Summerland Seniors Village, 75 are funded by Interior Health. Twelve of those beds are currently closed to admissions. The facility also has independent and assisted-living beds that will remain outside the control of the IH administrator.

The facility is owned by Retirement Concepts, which in 2017 was purchased by China’s Anbang Insurance Group. Anbang was then taken over by the Chinese government in 2018 after the company’s chairman was sentenced to 18 years in jail for fraud and embezzlement.

This past weekend, the Chinese government announced it had spun off Anbang’s assets into a new company called Dajia Insurance Group, which will be privately owned.

Letwin said Interior Health deals only with facility operator West Coast Seniors Housing Management, and is therefore not concerned with the ownership structure.

IH has not stepped in at two other facilities operated by the same company in Kamloops and Williams, which are both in the IH region.

West Coast Seniors Housing Management could not be reached for comment Monday.

Summerland Seniors Village was also placed under the control of an IH administrator in 2013 due to similar issues that arose while under different ownership.

This story has been updated to include details from a press conference