Embrace a Discarded Animal Society will be bringing nearly 30 pets to the Penticton PetSmart this Sunday, June 16, for a special one-day adoption event.

After an overwhelming amount of success at its adoption event in Kelowna, Embrace a Discarded Animal Society will be bringing nearly 30 pets to Penticton.

The special one-day adoption event on June 16 will be held at PetSmart, and founder and president Leslie Fee said she hopes the turn-out is as successful as its Kelowna event.

“It was lined up right outside the door of PetSmart,” said Fee. “We brought 59 dogs, and we adopted 42 dogs out.”

Fee said the society will bring approximately 15 smaller dogs and 15 kittens to PetSmart, calling this event a bit smaller than the last due to high demand.

“We have 120 applications that have come in since the (Kelowna) event,” said Fee.

Applications filled out at the store will be reviewed on the spot, and an in-person interview conducted. If the society feels the family would be a good fit for the animal they’ve chosen, an in-home viewing is set up.

“We send a home-checker out to their home, and they have to have a full interview with their family members there,” said Fee.

Most of the animals rescued by the society come from kill shelters that are overcrowded, with Fee saying there’s many dogs coming from California.

Her passion for rescuing young animals started at a young age, after a six-year-old Fee found a home for an abandoned dog in her neighbourhood.

“I think you just get the buzz,” said Fee. “But I think the real impact was when I was 29 and getting my first dog as an adult. They were shutting down the Squamish SPCA … she (the rescue) just taught me so much about how they can love you unconditionally, even if they’ve been through a lot. She was with me for another 17 years.”

As Fee got older and well-established financially, she purchased a ranch in 2015 in order to expand the society, which began in 2012 and now has 460 volunteers.

“A lot of dogs have come through here,” she said. “At the ranch, we’ve probably saved 1,500 dogs.”

The event will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and applications can be completed online at in advance of the event.

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