Scene on Maple Street

Police with some of the people removed from a townhouse complex on Maple Street.

Despite allegedly breaching the conditions of his first release order, a man at the centre of a three-hour police standoff last month in Penticton has once again been granted bail.

Jesse Eldon Harry Mason, 32, was released Tuesday by provincial court Judge Michelle Daneliuk.

Reasons for the judge’s decision are covered by a routine publication ban, ostensibly to avoid tainting the jury pool.

Mason, who’s facing one count of break-and-enter in connection with a home invasion that led up to the Oct. 2 standoff, was ordered to reside at the Grenada Inn on Skaha Lake Road and abide by a curfew of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. He will be monitored electronically to ensure compliance, and is to have no contact with eight people.

Mason was initially released on Oct. 20, but arrested just two days later for allegedly failing to reside in Keremeos as directed.

Tuesday’s court hearing also saw Judge Daneliuk deny bail for Mason’s co-accused, Josef Bretislav Pavlik, the alleged ringleader of the home invasion.

Reasons for that decision are also covered by a publication ban.

Pavlik, 37, is charged with break-and-enter, using a firearm to commit a robbery, assault with a weapon and uttering threats in connection with the home invasion at a residence on Winnipeg Street in downtown Penticton.

The victim, Michael Paseska, told The Herald previously that he and his girlfriend were awoken by two men wearing bandanas, one of whom was pointing a gun.

Paseska alleges he was then pistol-whipped, resulting in the gun firing off several rounds, one of which caused a flesh wound to Paseska’s face.

Paseska said he quickly discovered more than two people were in his home stealing electronics, guitars and other valuables. The group then fled in two vehicles, allegedly to a townhouse at 298 Maple St., where the standoff with police ensued.

The incident, which prompted the lockdown of nearby Queen’s Park Elementary, ended when Mason surrendered peacefully shortly before the arrival of a heavily armed RCMP Emergency Response Team.

Pavlik is also facing four additional counts of driving while prohibited and three counts of breaching various court orders in unrelated incidents, and has a lengthy prior criminal record.

Mason and Pavlik are both due back in court Dec. 4.