Summer attire

Mayor John Vassilaki runs part of Tuesday's meeting with half a tie.

A well-scripted gag kicked off Tuesday’s meeting of Penticton city council on a lighter note.

Just after Mayor John Vassilaki had finished some housekeeping matters at the start of the videoconference, Coun. Jake Kimberley called for a point of order.

Kimberley then launched into a sermon on the importance of city officials helping promote a positive image of Penticton for investment and tourism.

“You know, where you promote the weather and say Penticton is better than Hawaii,” said Kimberley.

He then went on to note Vassilaki was wearing a tie in violation of council’s unofficial summer dress code, and called on city manager Donny van Dyk to enforce the rule.

At that moment, van Dyk, who was in council chambers with the mayor, entered from the side of Vassilaki’s video frame and snipped off the bottom of the mayor’s tie.

“Thanks a lot, Coun. Kimberley,” said Vassilaki, after he and the rest of the group stopped laughing. “That cost me a perfectly fine tie.”