Fred Trainor on the opening day of Block 300.

Seven months after opening the doors to Block 300 Casual Steakhouse, owner Fred Trainor has decided to move on.

Trainor said Wednesday he was approached in November by someone interested in purchasing the restaurant.

“She said, ‘We’re wondering if the Block is for sale,’” he recounted. “And I thought, ‘That would be alright.’ So I said, ‘Well, everything’s for sale.’

Although the first deal fell through, Trainor decided to close the restaurant’s doors in January, and turn his focus to other deals coming forward for the restaurant.

A deal was finalized Jan. 7, with the keys set to exchange hands Jan. 31.

“I had my epiphany, and I’m as excited as I can be to have somebody else come in and not have the responsibility … of this any longer,” he said.

Trainor said when he opened the restaurant, it was with the intent of having someone else run it while he remained in the background funding it. In the end, he was working nearly every day.

“It was just a series of ups and downs, high and lows – there were so many good things, and I was so excited. I was absolutely over the moon with the whole process that I started,” he said.

Trainor shut down the restaurant for 12 days in the fall to rectify what he called at the time “inconsistencies” in the restaurant.

Selling the restaurant was an emotional decision, and there are aspects of the industry Trainor said he’ll miss – especially the staff – but he said he’s looking forward to retirement.

“I’ll go work on my golf game,” he joked.

Trainor said he can’t speak to the fate of the restaurant – whether or not it will remain under the same name, if the staff will be re-hired, if the menu will change or even if they’ll keep the original decor – but said the new owners are well-versed in the restaurant industry and know what they’re doing.