Cannery dog Lola

Jen Murai and Taylor Browne with dog Lola enjoying some food and drinks on the patio of the Cannery. A complaint to Interior Health has forced the Cannery to stop allowing dogs into the brewhouse. Four-legged friends are still allowed on the patio.

Dogs are no longer welcome inside a popular Penticton brewery following a complaint to Interior Health.

“It’s unfortunate, but we were grateful for the three years we did get to let dogs inside,” said Cannery Brewing Company owner Patt Dyck, who noted pooches are still permitted on the patio.

Deciding to open the Cannery to four-legged friends and children was always part of the welcoming spirit the Cannery wanted to provide along with beer and food, she explained.

“We wanted to offer that European flair of being comfy and homey, where dogs and kids are welcome,” said Dyck.

It’s unfortunate the complainant didn’t come to her first so they could figure out a way to work something out, she added.

“We would have loved the opportunity to speak with that person. But we can’t fight this. The health inspector had to follow the rules too,” said Dyck.

People enjoying a cold brew and some nachos on the patio this week said the Cannery was a rare place in Penticton where dogs were welcome inside.

“I would rather have a dog hair in my food than a human one,” said Taylor Browne, who, along with Jen Murai and their dog Lola, was enjoying the patio Monday afternoon.

Apparently it wasn’t a hair that sparked the complaint though.

Joyce Michaud, Interior Health team leader for environmental health, said it was actually a dog vomiting that raised the alarm.

“The inspector visited the Cannery on July 10 and discussed this complaint with the owner, who recognized the concerns and agreed to keep dogs outside of the restaurant,” Michaud said in a statement.

“With the exception of guide or service dogs, dogs are not allowed in restaurants in B.C. under the BC Food Premises Regulation. However, Interior Health works with restaurants on solutions that may help accommodate dog owners and other patrons, while complying with the regulations in B.C., such as having dogs in outdoor spaces.”

A petition has been started on to help convince Interior Health to reverse its decision. The petition was started by Mickey Clark who regularly played the piano on Saturday nights with his little dog Trish at his feet. He loved being able to tickle the ivories with his dog by his side but now says he doesn't feel like going there without her.

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