creepy van

Province Funderal Home is helping the Ooknakane Friendship Centre by donating a much-needed van.

Ooknakane Friendship Centre’s four-wheel fleet has expanded thanks to a generous donation from a Penticton business.

Providence Funeral Home partner and general manager Nolan Adam said he stepped up to donate a van after learning the friendship centre was in need of another vehicle to help continue providing service to the community.

“We really admire and appreciate the holistic, culturally driven programs and services they offer to our community,” he said. “We are happy that the friendship centre can put this vehicle to good use.”

Carla Waniandy, an outreach worker and chef, said the centre had relied on its food truck or personal vehicles for errands and transportation.

“The van totally makes my job a lot easier,” she said. “There’s a lot more room. Having the van makes it so much easier to pick up all the donations.”

The van also helps the friendship centre transport clients to detox centres or treatment in Kelowna, and helps bring more members in for family night dinners or the elders’ lunch in program.

“We’ll also pick up elders, because many don’t have vehicles,” added Waniandy, who was “amazed” by the donation.

“I was excited. I was like, ‘Wow! Really? That’s so great!’ It’s for all of us working here. It’s so much help.”