scroll light

The iconic Christmas scroll lights will be removed due to the safety hazard they impose due to age.

A petition calling for the City of Penticton to save two iconic Christmas scroll lights has caught the attention of city council.

Coun. Campbell Watt included a surprise addition to Tuesday night’s agenda, putting forth a motion that city staff reach out to the petition organizer and community members wishing to volunteer their time to fix the lights, a suggestion agreed upon unanimously.

Petition organizer Olga Magyar said she was excited to hear the news.

“I personally feel very grateful to the city council,” she said. “It could have gone a very different way.

“I am excited for the people of Penticton. Now is the time to walk the walk, pull together and make it happen.”

Magyar said she hopes to see volunteers step up and create a Facebook group.

Coun. Katie Robinson told council she would support the group.

“I think it’s really important to preserve the iconic history behind those scrolls,” she said Tuesday night.

Concerns over safety and electrical connections that do not meet current codes are just several reasons why the city announced last week it would be taking the lights down and storing them.

Len Robson, the city’s public works manager, previously said the lights are falling apart, posing a risk to traffic and pedestrians.

One year, he said, a string of lights fell from one of the scroll’s arm and was tangled in traffic.

The lights were updated approximately 10 years ago with LED lights, but most are shot and not as vibrant as they once were, Robson added.