duncan store

Duncan Grocery is applying to sell alcohol at its long-standing location.

Columbia-area residents may have a liquor store within walking distance in the near future.

Gordy Johal, the owner of Duncan Grocery located on the corner of Columbia Street and Duncan Avenue has applied to transfer his existing retail liquor license to the convenience store, ultimately rezoning the property.

“This location already holds a primary liquor license to serve liquor at their location,” he said in a letter to council. “Therefore, as per my future plans, I would like to add retail liquor store without changing the building footprints.”

Johal said an increase in “residential development” in the area has made “the demand high according to the present clients.”

In its proposal, city staff explain the building was built in 1966 and “a restaurant component was added within the convenience store in 2012.”

“The convenience store is a long-standing commercial use in the neighbourhood and neighbours are familiar with a retail use on the property,” the proposal continues.

The application will go before city council Tuesday.