Happy ending

A Penticton Search and Rescue volunteer is shown being lifted up, with a dog, after the animal was rescued, Tuesday afternoon.

SUMMERLAND — Penticton Search and Rescue is being credited for creating a happy ending, Tuesday evening, when a rope rescue saved a frightened and shivering dog who was left stranded on a rock in dangerous waters.

Summerland RCMP received multiple calls Tuesday relating to a German Shepherd that had been trapped in the Trout Creek canyon. High and fast waters would not allow the animal to return to safety. The dog was located below the KVR trestle in Summerland and had made his way onto a rock ledge for safety.

Summerland RCMP identified the dog as having been in the creek for several hours.

A request was made for Penticton Search and Rescue (PENSAR) to assist in a high-angle rescue.

A team of SAR attended the scene, assisted by Summerland Fire and BC Ambulance.

A SAR volunteer made her way down by rope to the anxious dog who was harnessed and returned up the cliff to safety and was reunited with his very happy family. The dog appeared to be in good spirits, with no injuries.

As bystanders congregated to watch, there was concern that someone would enter the water in an effort to save the dog prior to the arrival of PENSAR. This would have been extremely dangerous with a potentially tragic outcome.

In a media release, RCMP thanks the PENSAR crew as well as Summerland Fire and BC Ambulance for their dedication and reuniting the pet with his family.