Gasoline-powered aerial acrobats will be at it again this year when the Canadian Tire Mega Motocross returns to Penticton.

Be sure to bring your outside voice to this year’s Canadian Tire Mega Motocross event that will return as part of the Penticton Peach Festival Aug. 8-10.

Sledgehammers’ promotion manager Derek Rouselle said it’s common for upwards of approximately 8,000 people to attend the free show in Okanagan Park

“Last year, the event was a tremendous success,” he said. “It was huge. We’ve actually opened up into the Peach Fest event this year.”

And similar to last year, Havoc Pro Scooters has provided scooters which will be handed out to fans who can scream the loudest in the crowd.

“The riders themselves, they’ll walk around the crowd and look for the fan who’s going the absolute craziest and that’s usually the person who gets it,” he said.

An $800 Rocker bike was given out last year, and possibly new this year are electric skateboards, which go upwards of 42 km/h and are valued at $1,200.

“Last year we had a kid who … screamed so loud, his face turning was blue. He looked like he was getting weak in the knees and was going to collapse,” said Rouselle.

Five of Canada’s top motocross riders – four of whom are Okanagan residents – will be showing off their skills.

Kyle Demelo, from Oliver, has been taken under the Monster Energy label and took ninth place in his first X Games freestyle competition in 2018.

Chris Nolan, Jeff Fehr and Jay Soltes will also be in attendance.

Fehr is the first person in Canada to ever go inverted on a dirt bike, nabbing himself ninth place in the world. He also holds the world record after completing a 32-metre natural terrain back flip.

Kris Garwasiuk, the first Canadian to go pro at only 15 years old, will also be riding.

“All these guys are lifelong friends,” said Rouselle. “They’re extremely amazing people.”

The three-day event will take place Aug. 8, 9 and 10, with two shows each day.