Lost in the stacks

Penticton’s unique way of managing the community’s library service gives taxpayers the best bang for their buck, a study found.

A man who claims his backpack was stolen at the Penticton library last year is suing for nearly $20,000.

Raman Singh alleges his bag was swiped from the custody of a security guard there on Nov. 26.

Singh is seeking to be reimbursed the $2,409.68 cost of setting up a new laptop computer, $595.07 for tuition fees, $300 for a missed day of work, $136.24 to replace a textbook, $128.52 for a trip to Kamloops and $44.80 to replace a set of headphones.

It’s not clear from the claim how the tuition fees, missed work and trip to Kamloops relate to the stolen backpack.

Nor does the claim explain the $16,000 Singh is seeking for unspecified “future costs.”

Singh, who listed a Penticton address on his lawsuit, didn’t return a call for comment Tuesday.

The City of Penticton is cited as a co-defendant on the notice of claim.

City finance manager Jim Bauer said the local government is aware of the lawsuit and is working through the legal process.

The maximum award in small claims court is $35,000.