John Brittain

Sheriffs escort accused killer John Brittain into the Penticton courthouse.

Update: 10:58 a.m.

John Brittian said nothing at his first court appearance Tuesday in Penticton.

Dressed in a blue shirt and black pants, he removed his glasses and gazed around the courtroom at the crush of reporters.

He was remanded into custody until his next appearance May 8. 

He's charged with four counts of murder.

More to come.


The man alleged to have shot and killed four people Monday in Penticton is a retired engineer who formerly worked for the city, The Herald has learned.

Sources with knowledge of the matter say John Brittain, 60, is expected to appear Tuesday in provincial court to face four counts of murder in connection with the shootings, which took place over the span of about an hour at two locations in the city.

Brittain retired from his job with the City of Penticton in 2014, pulling down a salary of about $87,000 that year.

He’s listed on the website of the Engineers and Geoscientists BC website as a practising engineer for Ecora Engineering and Resource Group in Penticton. No one at the Ecora office was available to comment Tuesday morning.

More to come.