spin class

Pure Gym & Juicery's stationary spin bikes have mobilized. 

Approximately 20 stationary spin bikes have hit the road.

Pure Gym & Juicery owner Vanessa Jahnke spent two days loading up spin bikes from her gym at the Penticton Lakeside Resort and delivering them to members across the city, in an effort to help keep people connected physically and mentally during COVID-19 self-isolation.

“It was really our team of instructors who were really encouraging us to come up with a way to stay connected … and keep inspiring people to move their bodies, and keep their heartrates up,” she said.

Also drawing inspiration from other fitness instructors across the globe offering online workout classes, Jahnke delivered spin bikes to members, who will be renting the bikes on a month-to-month basis.

She then created a Facebook group, where members do classes online.

“It really gives some element of routine,” explained Jahnke.

“It’s really important for people who are isolated to just stay connected to your communities, and engage with the people who you would normally see at maybe the gym or fitness classes or wherever you work out. Staying connected is such an important piece, I think right now, for all of us to stay positive.”

Jahnke said since the Facebook group is public, other people who may not be members of the gym may jump in and follow along if they have a spin bike, or stationary road bike, at home. And they’re encouraged to do so.

“The instructors started just playing with streaming, and adjusting their music,” she said. “They’re teaching from their living rooms, their dining rooms, kitchen and getting really creative.”

The instructors, she added, are running the classes free of charge.

Anyone who would like more information or to inquire about any bikes up for grabs should email vanessa@puremovement.ca