A screenshot from a video uploaded by a Penticton mother, which shows one child saying they stepped on a needle.

Penticton’s bylaw supervisor says she has no information about a child who allegedly stepped on a needle in Skaha Lake Park, but plans to make the situation a hot topic at the next sharps committee meeting.

Tina Siebert said most of the needles officers come across are “in hidden locations” and “not quite as obvious as in the middle of grassy areas.”

“This is a little bit unique,” she said. “But if this is a new normal, it’s important that it’s dealt with.”

A video posted on social media shows three children showing a mother where they apparently found a needle near the trunk of a pine tree in Skaha Lake Park.

When asking one of the children if she stepped on the needle, the girl says, “no,” and then “yes.”

None of the children said they picked up the needle, which appears to have been used.

Siebert confirmed she has seen the video, and is aware the child was taken to hospital, but declined to comment on her initial reaction.

“We don’t have any information about it, but obviously we acknowledge it’s a very unfortunate incident,” she said.

She also reminded the community of the safe disposal sites where there’s sharps containers throughout the city.

Some of the locations where these containers can be found include Gyro Park, Okanagan Lake Park, Rotary Park and the Public Library.