A landfill worker in Osoyoos was taken to hospital earlier this week after crushing improperly disposed chlorine pucks.

“The employee immediately suffered a medical emergency after inhaling some of the discharge from the pucks. He was able to remove himself from the area and call for help,” Osoyoos RCMP Sgt. Jason Bayda said in a press release.

“Fortunately the affected employee as well as the rest of the employees were experienced in how to handle unexpected spills and their quick actions saved the affected employee from further injury.”

Both the B.C. Environment Ministry and WorkSafeBC were called to investigate, and the Town of Osoyoos later brought in an outside agency to clean up the site and take away the pucks.

“This should be a reminder to all that disposing of hazardous materials into a waste container can cause serious injury or death to those working with the garbage down the line,” said Bayda.

“Hazardous materials need to be disposed through the proper disposal/recycling process.”