Penticton City Council has proclaimed June 1-8 B.C. Seniors Week in Penticton marking the second year the week has been officially observed locally.

Jamboree is a highlight of the scouting movement for every youth member, but only a few are able to attend due to cost and timing. Every generation of scouts should be able to participate in at least one of these large gatherings, since it enables the scout to experience his membership in a …


Today I heard an old familiar song, “Wind Beneath My Wings,” by Bette Midler. As I sang along to the beautiful tune, I reflected on the forces that shaped my life and the significant people who supported me to become the person I am today.

While it seems that almost every event is being canceled these days, I want to assure people that the 110th anniversary of scouting in the South Okanagan will not be celebrated as the 111th next year. 2020 is the year. It will happen.

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Ruby Cumberland, one of Penticton’s oldest residents, celebrates her 109th birthday on Tuesday, May 12. The Hamlets, where she resides, is inviting friends, or people who don’t even know her, to send a birthday card as social distancing will prevent her from having a celebration. Cards can b…

Alan Dawkins arrived in Penticton in 1975 from Red Deer and Calgary, where he had begun a lengthy relationship with the Boy Scout movement as far back as 1956. On his arrival, he quickly became Akela to the Wolf Cubs of 3rd Penticton Scouting Group, under the sponsorship of St Saviour’s Angl…

For several columns in the past, I have drawn on the wisdom of Richard Carlson who wrote the book, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” which has the sub-title, ‘Simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life.’

Collecting postage stamps is a very personal and enjoyable hobby for people of all ages. Building a collection is a creative way of spending time and can give much satisfaction.

Editor’s note: This is part of our continuing series of articles highlighting some of the people involved in the Boy Scout movement, which is celebrating its 110th year of existence in our region. A celebration is planned for later in the year, and local museums will also be highlighting the cause.


Autograph dogs were popular with teenagers from the late 1940s until the 1960s. They were often used to record the signatures of classmates upon graduation. This example belonged to Pat de Boer, who attended Pen-Hi in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The names are those of her grades 9 and 10…

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of columns from the Penticton and District Stamp Club, members of which will take turns writing under the club’s name.

OVERVIEW: Those seeking decisions on actions to be taken are feeling the pressure. Try not to be impatient with those you need on your side. There may be some hoops to jump through by you or them. Do whatever helps to make you relax while you wait.

OVERVIEW: Consolidate data or messages so they can be viewed quickly. This is important to the end game. Discuss short cuts that can be cost saving measures when all is said and done. Those wishing to move on to other things should take their stuff and go. Sort out the emotional reasons for …

The Herald's office at 101-186 Nanaimo Ave. W. is again serving as a drop-off location for the Rotary used book sale. You may donate gently-used books on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. until March 21. The annual sale takes place March 23-28 at the Penticton Curling Club. Note that books …

OVERVIEW: Those feeling out of sorts should get more sleep or stay home. Others around you don’t need to be put on edge by this. Do some soul searching to tune into where you should be placing your focus. Balance needs with wants. Flirtations can create a fun distraction if you have time on …

OVERVIEW: The week begins under the influence of mercury turning retrograde so be ready for things to stall or back up. Avoid signing anything that is not already decided or drawn up, etc. This happens close to Neptune. There will be some fudging of the facts, masking the truth or outright d…

OVERVIEW: The week starts under the influence of waning moon energy during the night. Egos should be cooling allowing for some dialogue. There is no need to be a wrecking ball, as no one wins when everyone’s house is flattened. It’s better to convince others to give you the keys.

OVERVIEW: Talks of unity are carried over from last week affecting personal or global matters. The key will be to empower what is right and true. Calm the water of division as everyone needs a break. Discuss areas that would be mutually beneficial.

B.C.’s seniors advocate Isobel Mackenzie will be in Penticton on Monday, March 30, to speak about the life-long process of aging and to speak with area seniors.

OVERVIEW: Pay attention to information coming to you in dreams or intuitively. It can give you the edge in any choices you are going to make regarding what to do next.

Paul Kalamalka is a name which has long interested me, calling out to be researched and documented. Much of my interest in this name, of course, is because it is shared with the beautiful lake located in our valley.

OVERVIEW: Those who rain on your parade need to explain the reasons why. There is always someone who thinks they know better. Discount those who don’t have any investment in the end game.

OVERVIEW: Toss around different ideas and solutions to problems as the week begins. Some are stewing in their corners about this before bringing it to the attention of those being affected.

OVERVIEW: Let certain matters free float while keeping a tight rein on others.

OVERVIEW: Keep personal and business matters separate for now. It will be important to look at all the facts objectively; go the extra mile to get at them.

As part of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra’s 60th anniversary season, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on the many accomplished musicians that make up the OSO. This week we introduce you to our principal bassoonist Karmen Doucette.

OVERVIEW: A lot of chit chat gets the week going at a faster pace. It seems everyone has something to say or do. This will evolve as a personal spin is put on some of it.

If you love fall colours, then October is the best time to admire Mother Nature’s palette, even if you’ve done the same trail numerous times earlier in the year.


The South Okanagan rocks! Six friends decided to celebrate the arrival of fall by combining three days of cycling trails in the Oliver area with the eighth annual Garlic Festival last Saturday and the Festival of the Grape last Sunday.

A scheduled outing up the Okanagan Rail Trail and then over to Ancient Hill Winery behind Kelowna International Airport was cancelled last weekend. In the forecast were 25-40 km/h north winds and there was a 50 per cent of rain. Not pleasant for cycling.

Several months ago, I had the privilege of looking through some of my cousin Charley Adam’s photographs. For many years, Charley and his late parents, E.L. “Slim” and Ettie (nee Clement) Adam, explored the local hills, often stopping to fish in our mountain lakes. Charley photographed some o…

Summer turned into fall with cooler temperatures this week, but occasional rain didn’t stop outdoor recreation activities.