EDITOR’S NOTE: During the First World War, the Penticton Herald published a number of letters from local men serving in France. The Penticton Museum & Archives has assembled a number of these letters from its digitized database. Over the next several weeks The Herald will run a series of these letters from Penticton First World War veterans, some of whom never made the journey back home.

The Penticton Museum & Archives hopes that Herald readers will enjoy these letters, which complement the museum’s current exhibit, “British Columbia’s War, 1914-1918,” on display at the museum until May 2017.

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Penticton Herald

February 8, 1917

Dear Mrs. Brown (Penticton Soldiers’ Comforts Association):

Many thanks to you and others of the Penticton Soldiers’ Comforts Association for the parcel of socks and other useful articles which I have just received. I hardly need to say that these things are very much appreciated by soldiers.

When the 4th A.T. Co. was formed last November I volunteered to join. Although an instructor, I was allowed to join, chiefly, I think, because of O.C. of B. Co. of the depot to which I belonged, became the O.C. of the 4th A.T.C. I was for a time called out of the troop company, by an order from brigade headquarters, as an instructor in physical jerks and bayonet fighting.

Eventually on my place being taken by another N.C.O., the officer in charge allowed me to return to the 4th A.T.C.

Fortunately I have been able so far to hold my acting rank (all ranks made in England now are acting, so that when a N.C.O. goes to France he can be reduced without a court martial). Going with a company as a section sergeant, I have a chance of holding my rank and getting it confirmed in France, but of course it is not certain.

At present there are four sergeants in the company and only one is confirmed.

With best regards to Mr. Brown and yourself, I remain, yours sincerely,

Stanley Wright

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