OVERVIEW: Seeking recognition may require more effort as pressure is on for greater performance.

Those in positions of authority feel entitled. Do what you can without kissing up; you have value.

Those on top need the support of the base to hold their status. Charming words will ease tensions even if they are deceptive to some degree.

The real facts are not what everyone wants to hear. Those needing to regroup should band together as there is strength in numbers.

Consult or meet over distance. Pull finances together. Pick a leader or spokes person even if the position would be temporary.

Discuss priorities and how to implement them without force.

ARIES: Whispered conversations will clarify who stands with you now. Present a united front to gain.

TAURUS: Overcome opposition by laying out an alternate plan that others are able to work together.

GEMINI: You do your best to delay the inevitable by telling others what they want to hear. Hold reins.

CANCER: Secret conversations become an investigation of sorts. Consult with those in authority.

LEO: Meet with others in alternate locations to plan how things will move forward or be concluded.

VIRGO: Take a time out or holiday in a secluded spot. You need to evaluate what is important now.

LIBRA: You come from behind as your popularity rises. Others are willing to give financial support.

SCORPIO: Your connection to power or the establishment is a source of good relationship picks.

SAGITTARIUS: You see a path to greater or more stable income as you navigate the system etc.

CAPRICORN: A focus on work or career could see you doing something more behind the scenes.

AQUARIUS: Your confidence or inner strength allows you to move forward. Check out locations.

PISCES: You pull strings that affect others now. There seems to be some relationship to the past.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer.

Email: heather_zais@telus.net.