Jennifer Strong

Several years ago, while taking up the sport of skiing, I suffered a severe fall which injured my muscles in my lower back. Although there were no broken bones, no amount of pain pills or creams could alleviate my muscle pain. I knew that I was headed toward serious trouble.

After doing some research, I eventually found my way to Jennifer Strong’s Penticton Integrative HealthCare clinic at 626 Main Street (#4) in Penticton.

Having spent a total of eight years full-time studying the science and art of Oriental Medicine, Jennifer earned her Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine graduate degree. When asked how she got started in acupuncture, Jennifer told me it comes from the desire to help people from suffering needlessly.She offers comprehensive acupuncture treatment as well as the Meditech-Bioflex low-level laser and the Sanakey (controlled electrical impulses.) Together these effectively treat many conditions such as injuries, stress, migraines, gynecological issues, menopausal symptoms, back pain, and most musculo-skeletal pain, concussions, arthritis, digestive complaints.

My sessions with Jennifer have made all the difference to my quality of life by facilitating the healing of my muscles and keeping the inflammation at bay. She pointed out to me that acupuncture has been practiced for at least 2,000 years and that “it is based on a deep understanding of natural processes and the development of procedures to re-establish balance and health.”

She also pointed out that modern medicine and traditional medical systems like Oriental Medicine, work well together when clinicians in each field pool their expertise in the best interests of their patients. As a result, Jennifer designed a workshop for physicians on Collaborative Medicine. Her power point presentation described how Oriental Medicine works, and included compelling statistics on how patients receiving comprehensive acupuncture treatment reduce congestion in our healthcare system as they need fewer physician visits, less medication, fewer surgeries, enjoy faster recovery from surgery, fewer psychiatric visits and so forth.

Jennifer brought up the subject that prevention is a fundamental tenant of Oriental Medicine. She explained in further detail that when she was seeing a number of breast cancer patients, she wanted to do something to help prevent breast cancer.

“In Oriental medicine, there is a continuum from congestion of tissue through to cancer. We work to improve energy and blood flow through all the tissues to keep them healthy.”

Out of her concern for women's health, Jennifer designed a Healthy Breast workshop, and had to find a bra that she could recommend to her students.

“All women must be concerned about keeping their breasts healthy, and I found that wearing a TAB bra is one part of that as it improves lymph flow.”

The TAB bra features a pocket sewn onto the inside of the cup of the bra. She demonstrated how the stretch pocket can securely hold in place a prosthetic insert of various sizes or styles. The resulting benefits include a very secure fit of the prosthesis as well as a natural, balanced look.

In addition, as a Class 1 Medical device, the cost of a TAB bra is often reimbursed by insurance companies and can be included as a medical expense on income tax returns. Upon closer examination, I realized that the key to the TAB bra lies in its function and practicality. Simply put, I could tell the TAB bra promotes health and comfort as it is designed to support from underneath and hold the breast in a position which encourages lymph flow.

As a result, there is no longer a pull on the shoulders, posture is improved, and stress on back muscles are eased. It is ideal for vocational use, sport and exercise, and especially for normal, everyday wearing.

“It offers a worthy alternative to the needs of everyday women who understand and value health, comfort, and shaping,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer Strong will continue to fit women in her clinic, and exhibit at health fairs and events where she can introduce women to the Tab bra and its significant benefits.

Look for her at the upcoming Kelowna Wellness Fair and the Penticton and Kelowna dragonboat races and more or phone 250-328-3811.