OVERVIEW: Its a good idea to sleep in a bit longer if you need to recover; this will be a lesson for those who should cut back or quit. Discuss it with those affected by your behaviour. Take off rose-coloured glasses if you are expecting them to change. Know when to move on. There is still time to get over this; have faith in yourself. Smoke and mirrors at the office won’t work on the boss either. Check out your options if you feel you need to start over. Consider other locations or retirement.

Mercury enters the sign of Leo giving some an ego boost as they become full of their own importance. Freedom is stimulating or exciting, but a solid base gives security.

ARIES: Get ducks in a row before you make your play. Navigate obstacles gingerly for desired results.

TAURUS: You speak your mind catching others off guard. There needs to be a balancing of the scales.

GEMINI: You put on a winning air no matter where things really stand. Keep positive talks flowing now.

CANCER: State your position and what you expect. Handle closure with kid gloves or soft diplomacy.

LEO: Discuss confidential matters to see where the benefits are for you. It all works out cooperating.

VIRGO: Wait patiently for those in positions of influence to follow through with your wishes or needs.

LIBRA: You may be surprised by who is willing to support or fund you. Be gracious while accepting.

SCORPIO: Those you team up with are different from your usual associates but are just as effective.

SAGITTARIUS: Private deals or arrangements affect home or property matters. Follow procedures.

CAPRICORN: Change or transition with work or career looks easy. Show your ethics and resume.

AQUARIUS: You are lucky through strange or unusual circumstances. Look closely at it.

PISCES: Entertainment has an unusual or inspirational quality. Join with others to enjoy some of it.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer.

Email: heather_zais@telus.net.