OVERVIEW: Expectation may not match reality as the week begins. Shine some light into grey areas to help with the decision-making process. Look behind emotional drama to find what’s causing it. They are doing this to get attention or leverage, so don’t be played. Some soul searching is needed to get them to smarten up. A trip or change of scene would be helpful. Research viable options to advance job ambitions; be willing to move. Love interests could be a deciding factor. Put up with awkward circumstances temporarily to make a transition. Follow your intuition if it feels right. Endings may be hard to deal with but are necessary. Settle down.

ARIES: Sort through wording to get to the intentions behind them. Present them in acceptable ways.

TAURUS: Your reach is long and catches others off guard. Certain matters reach point of conclusion.

GEMINI: Rug pulling comes across as a power grab between those who jockey for other positions.

CANCER: Use leverage to get the advantage where you can. Consult with those who have authority.

LEO: Keep important information to yourself for now. It takes longer to process some of the details.

VIRGO: Listen to what others have to offer before making any demands. It unfolds in natural ways.

LIBRA: Visit other locations for your own agenda or to help someone else. Needs personal touch.

SCORPIO: Movers and shakers want to make their play. Move money or assets to be more useful.

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of arrangements or required paperwork to bring things to a conclusion.

CAPRICORN: Handle matters privately to get ahead of the game that others may be playing now.

AQUARIUS: Influential individuals can pull strings for you if they understand what you really need.

PISCES: Secure the support of those with established power or reputation who come on board.