Celestial Prophecies

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Email: heather_zais@telus.net.

You need more than just wishful thinking

OVERVIEW: Thoughts and feelings bounce back and forth under the influence of retrograde Mercury looking for a place to land.

Wishful thinking doesn’t cut it any more. A move may be needed for yourself or others who may be connected to the same situation.

Look at the bigger picture as it levels out. It’s a rough ride, but right choices are being made.

Allow things to blossom in a natural way. Upgrade equipment or renovate if it will help. Hope is in the air near or far so ride along.

Take a break until circumstances or conditions improve. The full moon eclipse in the sign of Capricorn is late Saturday night going into Sunday. Get a grip on things.

ARIES: Look at what you value to see if it has changed. There is another way to calculate all this.

TAURUS: Shake things up in a good way. Others will understand and follow the new agenda.

GEMINI: Pull strings behind the scenes especially in areas where the past is affecting the future.

CANCER: Connect with those you were involved with before. Pick up where you left off with them.

LEO: Adapt to new or different conditions to get your power or position secured. It works out fine.

VIRGO: You feel lucky and you are now. Step out of your comfort zone to make

gains you seek.

LIBRA: Choices regarding locations work out for you. This will affect home, office or both now.

SCORPIO: You have right words that others want to hear so matters progress in the best way.

SAGITTARIUS: Income or financial strength increases easily now. Plan changes around this.

CAPRICORN: You are the dominant person in any situation so step forward and take control.

AQUARIUS: Your power or influence has increased somewhat as others want more input etc.

PISCES: Mix business with pleasure even if you have to get unusual associates involved now.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Her column appears each week in The Okanagan Weekend. Contact her via email at heather_zais@telus.net.