OVERVIEW for Aug. 11-17

Jupiter shifts into forward motion bringing with it a feeling of hope. It is in the sign of sagittarius which it rules. Seek sage advice from the masters, teachers or those with proven track records; check history. There is information if you look deep enough and for the right reasons. Settle matters out of the spotlight so they don’t escalate. Plan friendly get togethers, any location works. Upgrade appearance and wardrobe. The full moon shines a brighter light on humanitarian issues. Give credit where its deserved. Rein in ego’s who spar with each other for a larger part of the limelight. Be prepared for surprises or unexpected changes.

ARIES: Don’t gamble on a whim or because others think its a good deal. Check relevant details.

TAURUS: Sudden words or actions have an effect on residence or property matters. Talk it over.

GEMINI: Others ask questions or seek certain information. Reveal on a need to know basis now.

CANCER: Ask someone to back you up before join out on a limb. Its a case of self preservation.

LEO: Your status may not be as it appears so be charming and cooperative until position is clear.

VIRGO: A lot goes on behind the scenes, but any changes made will work out for you in future.

LIBRA: Discoveries or inside tips lead to those involved in matters that could affect everyone.

SCORPIO: Take independent action where needed. Break away from anyone who doubts you.

SAGITTARIUS: Surprise opportunity connects you to those at distance. Consider all involved.

CAPRICORN: You benefit from others finances or assets now. Arrangements may be unusual.

AQUARIUS: Others have a strong influence on decisions you make. Emotions alter relationships.

PISCES: To remain in control give out information on a need to know basis. Navigate blocks.

Heather Zais is an Okanagan resident and astrologer. Contact her at heather_zais@telus.net.