Bob Sandford

“Water is going to be more precious than people can imagine in the future,” states Bob Sandford. “We need to act accordingly.”

Renowned author, Bob Sandford, is leading the conversation around climate change and water policy issues in Canada and we ought to consider ourselves lucky that he is making a stop in Penticton. We should all be eager to drink in the valuable information that Sandford will deliver in his upcoming presentation organized by the Regional District, “Meeting Water Challenges: Are You Ready?” taking place at the Cleland Theatre in Penticton on Monday, November 28 at 7 pm.

Sandford’s talk will provide us with the framework of how to view our water and climate issues from an informed perspective backed by extensive scientific data. To quote Sandford: “With sea level rising, extreme weather events being the new normal, it’s not just about protecting yourself, it is understanding what is happening globally and regionally and how that will impact you.“

Sandford is the EPCOR Water Security Research Chair at the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health.

He is also involved in multiple water organizations and research and policy groups. A key component of Sandford’s work is to translate scientific research outcomes into language decision-makers can use to craft meaningful public policy.

He is also a well respected writer who has written numerous books on water issues and climate change and the presentation he brings to Penticton will focus on issues he examines in his two latest books, Storm Warning: Water and Climate Security in a Changing World and The Climate Nexus: Water, Food, Energy and Biodiversity in a Changing World co-authored by Jon O’Riordan.

In his 2015 book, Storm Warning, Sandford devotes an entire chapter entitled Fire and Water which considers climate change effects on water in the Okanagan.

In this chapter Sandford says “I worry that it won’t be long before the relative stability the people who live there have enjoyed may be disrupted. In saying this I do not wish to imply that this is the end of the world. They know what they need to do in the Okanagan. But what is happening elsewhere in Canada and the rest of the world should add urgency to their efforts.”

Summerland author and ecologist , Don Gayton, will set the stage for the evening by providing the audience with a brief presentation on the Okanagan’s water and wetland history. Executive Director of the Okanagan Basin Water Board, Anna Warwick Sears, will introduce the evening and provide an outline of how the water board operates and in which projects they are currently involved.

Many of us who live and work in the Okanagan are aware that water our most precious resource needs preserving and requires solid governance.

This is underscored by current news reports that 2016 is shaping up to be the hottest year on record, a big concern for those living in a semi-arid landscape.

In the days following the US Election where Climate Change and the health of the Environment is being taken off the table by our stateside neighbour, I would urge all of us who care about the future of the health of our water and land environments to attend

Mr. Sandford’s presentation. It is free to all and is being funded by the following partners: the RBC Blue Water Project Fund, the RDOS and the City of Penticton.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and seating is on a first come first serve basis.

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