In recognition of the 55-plus BC Games coming to Kelowna Sept. 10-14, the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is organizing an exhibition to celebrate the contribution this demographic makes to our local arts community. 

Artists over 55 years of age are invited to submit to the showcase exhibition. 

“The Alternator is excited to take this opportunity to acknowledge the talented artists amongst our 55-plus members. They are a growing demographic in the Kelowna arts community and represent a strong base of talent with a passion for creating,” said artistic and administrative director Lorna McParland in a news release.

“We look forward to showcasing the range of mediums, subjects, and themes that they work in.”  

To participate, artists must be members of the Alternator gallery. Submission forms can be completed through the Alternator’s website or in person at the gallery, located in the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

Artists must return their submission form by Aug. 27.