Most dog lovers know about the instant happiness that comes with sharing their lives with a Dog, but many of us remain unaware of the physical and mental health benefits that also come with snuggling up to a furry friend. Studies have begun to show the benefits of the human-animal bond scientifically. Dogs and cats have progressed to become very attuned to humans and our behavior and emotions. Dogs, for example, can understand many of the words we use understanding our tone of voice, body language, and gestures.

Almost two-thirds of North Americans are not taking time for themselves, but what about your relationship with your Dog? Data supports the fact that our dogs make us feel better. Making time for that need of dog care appreciation will not only provide ourselves with respite from today’s hectic world but allow us to take a step back from the craziness of today’s “go, go world’ where we sometimes take our relationship with our Dog for granted.

We, as humans, need to appreciate what our dogs provide for us in the areas of mental health and just overall wellbeing. We know that almost 67% of dog owners do not take the time to seriously consider what their Dog’s needs are as they relate to grooming, food, and environmental impact.

Even though there is an excellent percentage of dog owners, who say they love their dogs-the overwhelming majority of dog owners don’t give enough consideration to their relationship with their Dog as well as paying attention to their grooming, feeding and environmental impact these decisions make in your connection and wellbeing of your best friend. is excited to announce our “Love Letters to My Dog” campaign. Focusing on the unique relationships dog owners have with their puppy we would like dog owners thru “Love Letters to my Dog” to cherish those moments of pleasure that our dogs bring to us and how effective they are at providing us with mental and emotional wellbeing.

Why? On a recent trip to California, I made a stop for a cup of coffee halfway between Bakersfield and LAX at a Starbucks. While I was waiting for my coffee, there was an older chap sitting outside reading his phone and the newspaper. He had a beautiful black lab under the table. As I watched, I saw the Dog gradually get up and position himself to be right

beside the man. He stopped reading, and while looking at his phone was rubbing his Dog’s ears. The Dog and he both looked so at peace. It was a very tender moment. I got my coffee, walked out on to the patio, and made a comment that “he really loves his dad.”

The man said, “And I love him.” I petted his puppy and said, “Have a great day,” he said, “the same to you.” Meanwhile, a billion cars are racing by on the freeway.

Starbucks was packed, and everyone was grouchy and pissed that their coffee was not coming out as quick as they would like.

However, amid this craziness was this man sitting there with his old Lab, his old friend- they were totally into one another and at peace. This led me to think about our relationships with our pets and what they do for our physical and mental wellbeing.

My Dog, Lucy is not my first Dog as we had many family dogs growing up. However, she is MY FIRST DOG. She is truly a mama’s girl and is a constant companion by my side as she goes with me everywhere I go. She shows me unconditional love and is truly a part of our family.

The unconditional love, by the way, goes both ways. I never thought that I would feel so strongly about a dog, and here we are. She helps me with my anxiety on high-stress days and makes me happy. There’s nothing more soothing than spending an early morning at the beach with my Dog running happily through the waves, smiling the whole time. Yes - she smiles from ear to ear!

Our “Love Letters to My Dog” campaign will highlight a variety of people across different ages and ethnicities that take the time and think about the relationship they have with their Dog.

The relationship dog owners have with their puppy and sharing through “Love Letters to My Dog” is to cherish the moments of pleasure our dogs bring to us while showing how effective they are at providing us with mental and emotional wellbeing.

Join K9Clean in bringing awareness on how pets help you cope with depression, anxiety, and stress and share with us your “Love Letter to My Dog” with a short video on Instagram with your Dog, describe what your Dog means to you. Be sure to follow and Tag @k9cleanpets using hashtag #k9cleanloveletter

All those taking part will be entered to win a K9Clean Dog Care Box which includes our New ZERO PLASTIC Eco Poop Scoop Bags, Portable Dog Shower, Designer Poo Poo Bags, Zero Waste Dog Shampoo and more!

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4. Tag your friends in separate comments! Additional Entry for every tag.

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