Just as we throw away a lot of unnecessary garbage, our animals have a

significant environmental “paw footprint” of their own.

Being a pet lover doesn’t have to severely impact our families plastic

footprint if we make better decisions. We’ve collected some tips for

plastic free July to help you improve your eco-friendly choices that

include your family pets!

It’s well documented that plastic bags have a significant impact on

the environmental waste that exacerbates the world’s plastic trash

problem. Worldwide, 500 million plastic poop bags are consumed

annually. In addition to this, these bags can have disastrous effects

on wildlife.So why do so many dog owners in the country still use

these bags for the sole purpose of picking up poop?

There are two main reasons. First, plastic poop bags are easy to use.

Second, disposable, single-use bags are cheap and most often free

until our grocery stores and government get on the program to

eliminate single-use plastic bags.

Some grocery stores are now charging for bags and encourage you to

bring your own reusable bags, which is an improvement, but we still

have a long way to go!

Did you know that most poop bags are made with Oxo-biodegradable

materials which are in fact still plastic!  They just have a chemical

added that helps them break down sooner, but that just creates

microplastics that pollute our groundwater and oceans.

There are earth-friendly, plastic free options available:

1.K9Clean Eco Poop Scoop Bags are a zero-plastic, newly engineered way

to pick up your pet’s waste. Designed using 100 percent paper from

sustainable forests and have a cardboard poop scoop handle, the bag

doesn’t contribute to plastic waste. It conveniently fits inside a

back pocket or a purse or knapsack and is hygienic and easy to use.

The bags are packaged with zero plastic and bundled with a small strap

of paper. And by the way — they are compostable!  You can find these

bags online at or check with your local zero waste store,

in Kelowna Farm Bound Organics Zero Waste Store will be carrying them

or check with your local pet store!

2. Compost it - Putting your dog’s poop in the ground has the same

effect, given that it will naturally decay. If you don’t have a

compost system, you could create a compost bin or purchase a dog poop

specific composting bin.  Check with your city rules to see if dog

waste is allowed in your city green bins.

Recently the City of Ottawa is allowing dog waste in all of their

green bins, but every municipality varies.3.Use Newspaper – after

you’ve read it of course! Using less plastic bags is ideal, but if you

would rather not have to clean a shovel or pooper scooper, newspaper

is a great alternative. It can naturally decompose and is a great way

to repurpose something you’ve already used.

When it comes to your pet’s wellness, we don’t commonly think about

the plastic shampoo bottles we are using to bath our pets or whether

we are using Eco-friendly supplies.  Using Shampoo bars could replace

the 552 million shampoo bottles we throw out annually!  Yes, this

applies to Dog Shampoo bottles too!

 There are now some plastic-free alternatives for you to use:

1.Use a Zero Waste Pet Shampoo Bar – has three different

Dog Shampoo Bar options to choose from all using natural ingredients,

and yes, you guessed it – ZERO PLASTIC WASTE.

2. Chemicals in your home can be harmful, make your own cleaners and

deodorizers when cleaning up after your dog or cat. Many DIY recipes

require only a few ingredients and a couple of minutes to mix up. And

you probably already have a lot of the ingredients in your kitchen.

Some basic ingredients are vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, castile

soap, essential oils.  Please be careful with which essential oils you

are using as some are toxic to pets.  Just be sure to do your


As dog owners, we can do a few simple things to help reduce plastic

pollution on our planet. The good news is that there are many cities

and more people in Canada and around the world that are banning single

use plastic.

Using these simple tips are an easy way to do your part in reducing

plastic waste.   We would love to hear from you.  If you’ve got some

good suggestions or other ideas that you would like to add, please let

us know!

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visit our store at k9clean.comBe sure to follow us on Instagram

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