Dog Grooming Tips on how to keep your Dogs muddy paws clean.

Bath time is the one thing most of our Dog’s dread. We are fortunate to live on the west coast of Canada in sunny South Surrey and have a ton of trails, beaches, dog parks, mountains, lakes, and rivers to explore with our dogs, which means that we have a lot of muddy paws to deal with, and generally that means a lot of bathing or dog grooming.

Most people don’t generally want to bath their Dog every time they go for a muddy walk in the trails. Not only that, bathing your Dog too frequently depletes the natural oils in their skin and can affect their fur coat.  We often are asked, how often should you bath your puppy?  There are a few factors that determine your pup’s bath routine:

•    Does your Dog have long or short hair: If your Dog has long hair, it can hold dirt and debris. A Dog that has short hair is less susceptible to catching dirt.

•    How Active is Your Dog: If your Dog is outside often, and likes to dig holes, roll in the sand and go swimming need to bath more often.  Especially those dogs that are prone to hot spots as there are bacteria that can irritate their skin, so they need to be washed and dried thoroughly.

•    Allergies and Skin Conditions: Some dogs have skin allergies or other health conditions that make them prone to needing a bath more or less frequently

If you do wash your Dog often, be sure to use a gentle, natural shampoo.  We use K9 Clean Zero Waste Pet Bee Honey Shampoo on our pup.  An all-natural shampoo to reduce potential skin irritations and dryness.  Once your Dog is wet, you’ll have your hands full, so be sure to have what you need handy. By using a shampoo bar, you never have to let go of your pup as you hold the bar in the palm of your hand while massaging your puppy at the same time.  Set aside a clean towel and be sure to dry them thoroughly.  Don’t forget to brush your pup after!

Another challenge is trying to keep our vehicles clean from sand and dirt after a muddy play.  We use a simple but effective solution with a Portable Pet Shower.

The Dog Shower cleans our dogs off enough so that our vehicles and houses aren’t as muddy as our puppies are. Having this handy shower makes it less of a deterrent to taking our puppies to the beach as it’s a quick, efficient way to wash away mud and sand. I have tried many different options from using a water bottle, to simply trying to dry them off with a towel and none have worked with any degree of effectiveness. A water bottle doesn’t hold enough water, and the towel doesn’t get the dirt.

We fill-up the K9Clean Portable Dog Shower with water before leaving the house set it in the back of the car, and we are ready to go!  This makes our walks much more pleasurable as we don’t have to worry about letting our puppy do what she does best! Roll around in the sand and run in the muddy water as we know we are able to rinse the loose mud and sand off with our Dog Shower.

We love this portable shower and use it every day. It’s great to wash off paws and bellies after a muddy romp at the dog park and great for refilling water dishes too! Super convenient and always have one full of water in the car!

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